How to control the use of RAM memory on your Samsung mobile

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Table of Contents

Samsung mobiles that are launched in Spain use One UI as their personalization layer. The interface of the brand stands out for many aspects, such as its customization options, in addition to giving us many tools to monitor proper operation Of the device. We can monitor the temperature of the phone, for example, to make sure nothing is going wrong.

This module is part of Galaxy Labs, an app where we have a series of brand tools to control the proper functioning of your phone. Among these tools we also have Memory Guardian, a module with which be able to control RAM memory usage on your Samsung smartphone at all times.

Control RAM usage on Samsung

Samsung Memory Guardian

The purpose of Memory Guardian is to be able to have control over the use of RAM in your Samsung smartphone. In this module of the signature we can see the use of it in real time, with the use that each of the applications that we have installed on the phone use. It also shows us a history with the use of RAM over time. This makes it a tool that can help us in a remarkable way. The steps for its use are:

  1. Download Galaxy Labs on your phone, from the Galaxy Store at this link.
  2. Once installed, open the app.
  3. Install the Memory Guardian module.
  4. Open this module to see RAM usage.
  5. If you want to clean it, click on the Clean button.

Memory Guardian will allow you to see the use of RAM memory on your Samsung smartphone at all times. In addition, you will be able see the individual use of each of the applications on your phone, so if there’s one that’s overusing it, you can take action. It is allowed to clean all of that use, but also to select one or more apps, so that they stop using the RAM memory on the phone.

Memory Guardian Samsung clean RAM

This tool can help us to detect if there is an application that is giving problems, as if there is one that is using an unusual amount of RAM, in order to limit its operation or even eliminate it from our phone, as it may be a malicious app, for example.

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