How to contact Uber Eats for support

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contact uber eats

You may be a regular user of the best-known restaurant delivery service platform, Uber Eats, and at this point you don’t know how to have a contact. That is why we are going to teach you that it is very simple that if you have a problem you know the Uber Eats contact. Because it may be that some delivery person or restaurant gets confused and you, having paid and being the customer, you run out of what you wanted. In that case, which is true that it does not usually happen, you have to know how to contact the company to demand what is yours.

How to contact Uber Eats for support 1

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First of all and first of all, you have to know that there are two ways to contact them: via phone number and another that would probably be the most used and fastest way even when you place an order, which is thanks to the Uber Eats apps that you have on iPhone iOS devices and Android devices too. It may be that we do not always want to make these contacts with the platform or company by telephone, for whatever reason, there is no justification. That is why you can always, as we say, choose the option that we are going to explain to you below. If you are going to have to cancel an order or have a problem, including any inconvenience or thing that arises, you can do it via the Uber Eats app.

How to contact Uber Eats for help or support

How to contact Uber Eats for support 3

As we told you, for whatever reason, you may not want to call by phone to contact Uber Eats, or the opposite could happen and you do not have the app at hand and you want to place an order in a restaurant in your area by phone, because yes, you can do that in case you didn’t know. Whatever your case, we will give you all the information with these phone numbers in the following paragraphs. More at the end we will give you a mini guide on how to contact the Uber Eats dealer from the app itself, so that if you have any incident you can give them a notice.

How to order by phone number

In case you did not know and you just found out if you use Uber Eats number 911232187, you can place orders by phone, in case you do not have the app at hand for the reason that prevents it. From that phone you will be able to access the menu and start placing any order as you always do from the app. If you did not know about this number before it is because as a rule they do not have this information very handy since they prefer that all orders be made digitally and thus everything is more automatic and faster. Because it is a fact that it takes longer to place an order by phone than through the app, but to taste.

How to contact Uber Eats for support 5

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How to contact Uber Eats to cancel an order over the phone

As before when you wanted to place an order, there is also the possibility that you cancel one via the Uber Eats phone number. In order to cancel the order, you will only have to dial the following phone number: 90039302.

Even if you think that you can find these phone numbers easily in any of the points of the app or the Uber Eats website, we guarantee that it is not. We have seen and wished to find them. That is why we highly recommend that you save these phone numbers in the memory of your mobile and give them name and surname as if they were a relative, because as you lose them, the best thing you can do is return to this article again.

In case you have questions about the cost of the call, we assure you that if you are residing in Spain they will be totally free. If you look at the numbers that we have given you previously, they are prefixes that begin with 900 and 91, so you should not have any extra charge for making this call. In any case, make sure you are well on the basis of the contract you have with your telemarketer. It is not going to be that the order to the restaurant will be too expensive. But as we tell you, the 900 numbers are generally totally free in our country.

Official Uber Eats Social Media Profiles

In case they did not answer you, another option to contact Uber Eats and their support is to pass you by his official profile of the social network Facebook. There, on Facebook Messenger, that is, open a chat with Uber Eats, you can leave them your doubts or questions so that support can answer you by way of customer service and as a general rule also in a matter of minutes.

How to send an inquiry to Uber Eats support

How to contact Uber Eats for support 7

This is the simplest of the entire article since you will only have to go through the Uber Eats help page and there you will find an option to send a question. That is, you will be able to write and describe exactly the problem you have so that the technical support team or customer service of the platform get in touch with you within a maximum period of 48 hours.

When this happens you will receive a notification from Uber on your phone (if you have this option activated on your mobile device) to indicate that they have responded to you in addition to that of course, they will answer you via email. The exact address to contact on the help page would be For more help we advise you to go through the official website in its support section. They have good videos that will help you with many questions and a question and answer section.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and that from now on you will know different methods of contacting Uber Eats and fixing any incident with the order or canceling it. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave it in the comment box that you will find right here below. See you in the next Android Help article.