How to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network in Windows 10

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When we install the Redmond operating system on a new PC, one of the first things we do is set up and connect the new PC to our wireless network. That way we can get to work as soon as possible, register the system, download what interests us, etc. As we tell you, Windows itself, as well as Linux distributions, offer a multitude of functions related to these connectivities.

How to view available Wi-Fi connections in Windows

Although the Configuration application that we access through the Win + I key combination, allows us a complete management of these connections, we can also carry out a more superficial management.

Wi-Fi setup

Once we access this application, what we mentioned, we just have to go to the Network and Internet / Wi-Fi section. From here we can control a multitude of parameters and configurations related to this wireless connection. From this same window we find a link that says Show available networks. If we click on it on the screen, all the Wi-Fi networks available in our range will appear. It will depend on the distance at which they are, so we will probably find several of them.

However, the usual thing is that they are protected by a password system. Therefore, we will be able to see their identifier, but we will not be able to use them if we do not know that access code. In fact, to see these in available networks in a faster and easier way, we have a possibility. From the system task bar, all you have to do is click with the main mouse button on the icon of the connectivity. At that moment, the networks available in our range will also appear.

Wi-Fi available

But what we must take into account is that in this same range close to our position there may be some hidden Wi-Fi networks. Precisely for this same reason we are going to show you how you can connect to them.

How to connect Windows to a hidden Wi-Fi network

The first thing we must know in this same sense is that by their nature, hidden Wi-Fi networks cannot be used in the conventional way like the rest. In fact, these are designed and configured to remain hidden from the rest of the users within the access range. Thus, by effect they remain out of sight of most users. This means that when we have any of the methods that we talked about previously, we will not be able to see these Wi-Fi networks hidden within the list of those available.

At this point, what we could ask ourselves is what we can do if we want to connect to one of these hidden Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10. At first its own name tells us that hidden Wi-Fi networks are wireless networks configured to hide their network SSID, that is, their name, from the rest. As such, these types of networks do not appear in the Wi-Fi section of the equipment as we demonstrated previously.

Another very important section that we must take into account in this regard is that to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network, we will need something more than the password, as usual. In this specific case we are going to need to know the network name in question, the type of Wi-Fi security you implement, the type of encryption and your password. As it is easy to imagine, these are data that the administrator of this will have to provide us.

Access the Windows connections section

Well, in the event that at a certain time and for whatever reason you need to access one of these hidden networks, we are going to help you. Of course, it is essential to have the data that we mentioned above to achieve this.

Once with this information in our possession, the first thing we do to connect to a hidden wireless network in Windows 10, is to right-click on the icon mentioned before the lower right corner of the Taskbar. In the contextual menu that appears we select the option to Open network and Internet settings.

Network and Internet Settings

Next, we click on Dial-up in the new window that appears. This is something that we specifically find in the panel on the left side. After that we have to click on Configure a new connection.

Set up a new connection

Set up a new hidden Wi-Fi connection

At that moment, a new pop-up window will appear on the screen, where we only have to select the option to Connect manually to a wireless network. After this we have to click on the Next button.

Connect manually

In the new window in which we are then, and when we will be forced to enter the data provided by the administrator of that network. Specifically, we refer to the information we mentioned above to be able to connect to the hidden Wi-Fi. Here the operating system will ask us for the name of the network, the type of security that it uses and the security key.

We recommend that you mark the checkbox in Connect even if the network does not broadcast its name. We should do the same with the box Start this connection automatically.

Start this connection automatically

Once we click on the Next button, the Windows computer it will automatically connect to the hidden network we have specified. Another aspect that we must take into account is the following. And it is that hidden Wi-Fi networks add an unnecessary overhead to the connection process in the system of the Redmond. Regardless of the equipment’s own hardware, connecting to a hidden network can be somewhat complicated, since it does not follow the usual procedure. With everything and with this, some circumstances may force the user to make use of these networks, something that we have already explained how to do.