how to configure the power button to turn off your smartphone

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Android 12 includes a new feature that could annoy more than one: activating Google Assistant by long pressing the power button. Here is how to deactivate it so that this button only serves to turn off your smartphone, as before.

Pixel 6 Pro

Android 12 hit the market with the Pixel 6 and introduced a lot of features. Among them, the possibility activate Google Assistant by keeping the power button pressed for several seconds. On previous versions of the OS, this manipulation is only used to turn off or restart your smartphone.

Lots of users might be confused by this feature, but rest assured, there is a way to go back to the old system. Simple, childish handling, even. For that, just go to the settings and dig a little. We will explain everything to you.

Pixel 6 Pro
How do I switch from Google Assistant to this menu? We will explain everything to you

You are on Android 12 and you want your power button to turn off your smartphone:

  • Go to the settings
  • Go to the tab system (at the bottom)
Pixel 6
  • Once in this menu, go to the tab Gestures (the third from the top)
  • In the menu Gestures, go all the way down
  • The last sub-menu is called Long press on the On / Off button. Tap on it.
  • Disable the feature.
Pixel 6 Pro

That’s it ! Now, when you press the power button, you won’t activate Google Assistant, but a power menu. You will be able to turn off the smartphone, but also restart it, lock it or make an emergency call.

How to turn off your smartphone with Google Assistant associated with the power button?

You might also like this new feature and want to leave Google Assistant tied to the power button. So how do you turn off your phone? Nothing’s easier.

  • On the home screen, display your notifications menu by unrolling it as far as possible (two strokes down).
  • Three virtual buttons appear at the bottom.
  • The middle button acts as the power button.
  • Just to press it to have the menu which allows you to switch off your phone.
Pixel 6 Pro

The operations described above are simple, but you have to know them. In any case, now you know how to manage the power supply of your Android 12 smartphone.

Note that on Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S21, the power button is already used to activate Bixby. To modify this functionality, the procedure is similar.