How to clone apps on Android

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May, on occasion, have needed to use two accounts within the same application, for example in WhatsApp or in any game. Until not long ago it was not exactly easy to do, but today we have at our disposal a variety of solutions with which to carry out the task. We will teach you two ways to duplicate an app: natively and through third-party applications. In this article we will tell you how you can do it easily and with headaches to a minimum.

How to duplicate apps on Android

There is a application called Parallel Space that allows duplicate applications. It not only allows you to clone an application to use it with another account, but that allows to customize the icon of the same to differentiate it from the original.

To clone a app with Parallel Space in the first place break it open. You will see that, nothing more to install it, this already adds several new applications to the list of cloned. For you to include those that you want, click on the button Add Apps:

Main screen of the Parallel SpaceMain screen of the Parallel Space

Below will take you to a list that you have installed on your phone that are compatible with the cloned. Choose the ones that interest you and click on Add in the Parallel Space:

List of applications to cloneList of applications to clone

When you do go back to the list of clones, which should now look like this:

List of applications that have been clonedList of applications that have been cloned

Now suppose you want to drop one of these applications that have been cloned to the desktop. To do this make a long press on any of them and drag to the upper left corner of the screen, the message Create shortcut:

Placement of an app cloned on the main screenPlacement of an app cloned on the main screen

Now if you go back to your desktop, you’ll see the application cloned with a badge to differentiate it from the original:

App cloned with Parallel SpaceApp cloned with Parallel Space

As you can see, the Parallel Space not only easy to use, but perfectly meets its mission.

Clone apps natively

There are some manufacturers that offer the possibility of duplicate applications without the need to install additional software. We see below what are they and what method to follow in each case.

Clone apps on Samsung phones

In the case of the terminals of the hyundai brand this function behaves the rest of the manufacturers. Within the operating system is known as “messaging-dual”and is destined to create images parallel applications with which it is compatible (meaning that it is somewhat more limited than usual). To use it do the following:

  1. Go to system settings and find the section Advanced features.
  2. Look for the option Messaging dual.
  3. Tap on it and check the list of compatible applications. If there is any that you want to clone, then you should check.

The application cloned will be placed on the home screen, with an indicator to differentiate it from the original.

Clone apps on Huawei phones

This is not the first time that we mentioned that Huawei has some very interesting function that is not usually seen in the versions more pure Android. If, in another article we talked about a sort of “private space” in which to cram everything you want to take away from prying eyes, in this case we speak of a known as App Twin:

  1. Opens the system settings.
  2. Look for the option App Twin.
  3. Active those apps you want to clone.

The icon of the application duplicate will appear on the home screen, and you’ll be able to use it with an alternate account, or as an application completely different.

Clone apps on phones-Xiaomi

The option to clone apps on phones from Xiaomi is MIUI 8. This function behaves very similar to the above views:

  1. Opens the system settings.
  2. In the list, search for Applications dual.
  3. Select the apps you want to clone and actívalas.

The final result will be added to the drawer with a symbol of orange.

Clone apps on phones OnePlus

The terminals of OnePlus with the latest versions of OxygenOS are equipped with the possibility of duplicate applications. To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to system settings and tap Utilities.
  2. From there, go to the category Parallel applications.
  3. Select from the list the (or the) that you want.

Once you do, they will appear in the drawer with a small orange symbol at the side as on the Xiaomi.