How to clean a yellowish cover so that it looks like new

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yellowish cover

You may have been with the same mobile phone case for years, you did not need to change it because it is resistant and because you like it, you are made for it. But there is a small problem when one day like this, you just take a look at it and look more than usual and You see that you have the yellowish cover. And you wonder what happened to it but you have no idea, what happens next is that you also want to know how to clean it or fix it because you like that one and you don’t want to spend the money on another one.

Well, do not worry because if you are one of those who have the case like this, we have to tell you that it can be cleaned. There are different methods to do it and thus you will save a few euros in covers from time to time. Because in the end it is probably not a question that you have bought a cheap and bad cover, it is that the transparent covers with the passage of time end up turning yellowish.

But as we tell you, fortunately we are going to give you a few homemade tricks so that it is pristine, so take note because we are going to clean that yellowish cover that you carry in your trouser pockets with your mobile.

How to clean the yellowish mobile phone case? Homemade tricks

All these tricks are going to happen by using different products on the cover itself, so you have to try to have them at hand. We recommend that you do this in the bathroom, carefully and with gloves. So that you do not suffer any harm. In the end in many cases you are going to touch quite strong products, such as bleach. Think that we need to throw them away because it is something cheap that we probably have at home since they are not used much. You will be surprised to see that we are going to use even the toothpaste. We go there with the homemade tricks to clean the cover.

Use bleach to clean the phone case

Mobile phone case

As we told you, we start with bleach since it is a fairly aggressive product that will probably clean the yellowish color of the cover the first time. So as we always want to save you time, in this case yes we start with the method which we consider most effective. Don’t worry, we are going to give you a short guide to follow as if it were a tutorial. In any case, do not use bleach to clean a cover that contains color or drawings, here we are talking about a yellowish and transparent cover. If you use bleach in another type of cover you will just spoil it.

To start with the bleach we repeat the essentials, put on gloves. Once you have them, what you have to do is take a container in which you will deposit water mixed with bleach. Now comes the key moment: if the case is good, not cheap, You can leave the cover for 20 minutes in the container with the water and bleach. If you think or know that your cover is of poor quality then it will be better than with a cloth or sponge to give it passes and rub it little by little. When you finish, clean the cover well with water and let it dry somewhere before using it.

Use lemon to clean the phone case


In case you do not feel like using methods like the previous ones, we have one more resource that can be effective, the lemon. And we are going to explain to you how, in case you are incredulous and you think that a lemon cannot do more than make sour faces.

What you have to do with the lemon is take a bowl or container and mix two tablespoons of dish cleaner with lemon juice. Now add two tablespoons of water to all of it so that everything dissolves well. Now you will have to insert the mobile phone case into the liquid (or secret potion that we have created). Leave it inside for a long time and then take a brush and scrub well all over the cover without fear. Put it back in for a while. After all this you just have to remove it from the container and clean it with water and a cloth.

As we say, the previous ones are more effective, but if you do not have bicarbonate or bleach you can always use lemon with some dishwasher that you have on hand at home. Usually a worse thing is cleaned by being less aggressive but it is not so far behind at all.

Use baking soda to clean the phone case

baking soda

Baking soda is a somewhat less corrosive method than bleach. It is not that you have to leave safety aside because they are still cleaning products as they say, that is, chemicals. But if you do not have bleach and you want to give this product, we are going to tell you how to do it too. Baking soda is a product that also bleaches and disinfects therefore it will be perfect for cleaning that yellowish mobile phone case.

To begin with and as we did before, we will also have to pour water, in this case warm. TOtime you will have to add a little bicarbonate (to taste). Stir the water a little with the baking soda so that everything dissolves in the water. Now you will have to take the mixture and leave it over the cover little by little, cleaning all the areas well but above all leaving it on top to rest for a long time.

As with bleach, you can leave it in for about 20-30 minutes quietly. Once this time has passed, you can clean the cover with a toothbrush or a cloth, to rub the bicarbonate well on the cover.. When you finish doing this now yes, take a clean cloth, water and rinse the cover.

We hope this article has been helpful and that from now on when your mobile phone case is dirty you will know how to clean it and remove that yellowish touch. If you have any questions about any of the methods that we have described, you can leave it in the comment box so that we can read and answer it. See you in the next Android Help article.