How to check the weather and what types are there

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Table of Contents

Indeed, it is a factor that intervenes in the operation of the Niantic game, and that depending on the season we are in and the weather we are in, a series of events can happen, as well as the time of real life.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

Types of weather and how they affect Pokémon GO

It doesn’t take exceptional players to realize that every time we enter the game, their climate corresponds to real life. That is, when it is night, the game will also change its time, just as if it is raining on the street. However, the climate has determined effects in Pokémon GO, it is not merely an aesthetic aspect.

pokémon go weather types

Therefore, we have various types of climates that give rise to different situations. Normally the influence of the climate affects the more or less frequent appearance of certain types of Pokémon in the game, to be able to capture them in the wild. However, in order not to pay constant attention to the game, we are going to expose the relationship between climates and frequency of occurrences, although it will also depend on the region where we live.

  • Sunny: Plant, Earth and Fire
  • Clear: Plant, Earth and Fire
  • Partially Cloudy: Normal and Rock
  • Covered sky: Fight, Poison and Fairy
  • Rainy: Bug, Electric and Water
  • Snow: Ice and Steel
  • Wind: Dragon, Psychic and Flying
  • Fog: Ghost and Sinister
  • Rainbow: it is compatible with Rain, partially covered and cloudy sky; we do not know its effects.

Levels for extreme weather

there is one more detail related to the weather. Also, the game has a security system in case the weather becomes so extreme as to become dangerous to play it outside. Specifically, it has 4 levels that, how could it be otherwise, ranging from less to more dangerous. In more detail, these are the levels that the Niantic developers have set:

  • Level 1: No danger of weather.
  • Level 2: Potentially dangerous weather.
  • Level 3: Dangerous weather.
  • Level 4: Extremely dangerous climate, so it is more advisable to stay at home.

How to check the weather of the game in Pokémon GO

Knowing the weather in your area of ​​Pokémon GO is very easy, since no external app is needed and everything is done from the Niantic game. The simple route that we must follow is the following:

  1. Open the game by Pokémon GO
  2. Touch on the sun icon in the upper right corner and just take a look at the weather.

pokémon go weather weather

To have it more exemplified, we can see that it shows us an atmospheric time Sunny, which means that there are several types of empowered Pokémon, which will come out more often in the wild Y they will be stronger. In this particular case, type Grass, Earth and Fire. With the arrival of autumn and winter, it will be more frequent to see Pokémon of the Normal, Rock, Fighting, Poison, Fairy, Bug, Electric, Water, Ice and Steel types in the wild.