how to change your name on the social network

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Facebook allows you to change your name once every sixty days, provided you meet certain conditions. The change is actually very simple: we give you the procedure whether you want to change your name on Facebook from your Android smartphone or your PC. But also the conditions to know.

facebook folder change name

Want to change your name on Facebook? After leaving the field open to its users in its first years of existence, the social network subsequently strongly encouraged them to give their real name, going so far as to limit the number of possible changes. Today the rules set by Facebook are relatively flexible: you can change your name once every 60 days if you wish. This is very useful in the event of a change of civil status, but also by simple fantasy, or if you intentionally do not want to be easy for just anyone to find.

Here’s how to do it:

change name facebook pc

To change your name on Facebook from the PC:

The arrival of Facebook’s new interface does not change the procedure, as you can see in the screenshot below. Access to the account settings can be found, as always, at the top right of the interface.

facebook folder change name new interface
  • Click at the top right, on the blue arrow to bring up the menu
  • Select Settings and privacy
  • Finally choose Settings to access the same page where to enter new information

How to change your name on Facebook from an Android or iPhone smartphone

facebook change name
Credit: Phonandroid

To change your name from an Android or iPhone smartphone:

  • Open the Facebook smartphone app
  • Go to the ≡ icon at the top right or bottom right depending on your version
  • Scroll down and touch Settings and privacy> Settings> Account
  • Here, go to the tab Personal and account information
  • Tap your name then change it
  • Touch Overview of change then validate with your password for the change to be effective

Changing your name on Facebook: the conditions to know

A priori, it is not possible to choose names that are too fanciful on Facebook. The social network gives its conditions. The name as such should not include:

  • symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, double characters or punctuation
  • special characters that do not belong to the same language
  • titles of any kind (one cannot, a priori, be called “master” for example)
  • words or phrases instead of a name
  • offensive or explicit words of any kind

Of course, these rules are more or less respected, in particular with regard to the last two (certain puns blithely pass the censorship…). In its conditions, Facebook also specifies that the name must match the one on your ID. And strictly forbidden to pretend to be someone else. Again, the cases in which Facebook will really ask you for your identity papers are extremely rare – this is never the case for a simple change of name, and it shows, we are sure, in the one chosen by some of your friends.

In all cases We would like to point out that requests for supporting documents do not in any way bind you legally : and that you always have the option – however annoying – to delete your account if you do not wish to reveal your real identity in the event that Facebook asks you for proof of identity.

How many times can you change your name on Facebook: is it unlimited?

Do you want to change your name from time to time so as not to fix yourself on an identity on the social network? This might not be the best way to go: once you’ve changed your name, and even if the name contains an error, you will not be able to ask Facebook to change your name again for 60 days. Apart from this rule, a priori, it is possible to change the name an unlimited number of times.