How to change the time and date on Android phones

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In most cases, the time and date of Android devices is determined by the WiFi network to which we connect during the first configuration of the device. Since, generally, this network is that of our house, that usually guarantees that both the date and the time will be correctly configured from the beginning. However, this option to have the phone within the correct time zone and on the current date may fail. It is very rare that it happens, but it can happen. In the same way, for some reason we could choose not to use the network to obtain the date and time for the terminal, so we would only have to configure it by hand. Whatever the case, let’s see how to do it below.

How to set the date and time on Android

In the operating system of the green robot, setting the date and time is very simple. First, open the terminal settings and go to the section System:

System Settings within Android settingsSystem Settings within Android settings

Of all the options that will appear on the screen, click on Date and Time:

Access to date and time settingsAccess to date and time settings

In our case, we configure both the date and the time with the network from which we made the first start-up of the phone. We will have to, first of all, deactivate the functions defined by the network in case we want to adjust these parameters manually. To do this, click on the sliders:

Automatic date and time settings enabledAutomatic date and time settings enabled

Next, we can adjust the date, time and time zone manually:

Automatic date and time setting disabledAutomatic date and time setting disabled

To adjust each section, we will click on it. If we do it on the date, a calendar will appear for us to define it:

Manual date settingManual date setting

If we click on the time, a clock will appear on the screen so that we can set it (we can also set it by entering it with the keyboard, clicking on the icon in the lower left corner of the clock):

Manual time settingManual time setting

If we want to change the time zone, the following will appear on the screen:

Time zone settingTime zone setting

If we click on Region, we will access a search engine where we can find the country where we are:

Phone region finderPhone region finder

If we click on the time zone, information about it will appear. It will change if we alter the region in which the device is located. As you can see, the process is very simple and has no mystery. If you follow the steps we give you, you shouldn’t have any problems.