How to change the SIM PIN code in Android

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Change the SIM PIN code in Android

One of the things that more internalized we have of our mobile life is the PIN of the SIM card. Enter it every time you turn on the phone has become an act almost automatic, we do not stop to think about it. The problems come when we change our phone number or ask for a duplicate card: our PIN since it is not always the same, and we have to stop a couple of seconds until we realize that we have to introduce the new. So that this does not happen to us every time we turn on or reboot the terminal, we can always change the PIN code of the SIM. It is something very easy to do, we tell you below how you can do it in Android.

Change the PIN code on your Android

In the first place, go to Settings > additional Settings > Privacy (note that the path may change depending on the manufacturer of the terminal):

Additional settings for AndroidAdditional settings for Android

There within, click on the name of the operator:

Settings of the SIM in AndroidSettings of the SIM in Android

There, click on Change SIM card PIN:

Changing the PIN codeChanging the PIN code

Then, the system prompts you to enter your new PIN code. You will have to enter in the first place, the code that the card currently has, and after the code for which you want to replace. Once this is done, you will be all set.

There is also a much more generic, change the PIN code of the SIM without getting lost in routes or in settings. It can be done through the keyboard of the phone using the following command, and then pressing the call button:

**04*PIN actual*PIN nuevo*PIN nuevo#

Let’s look at an example chart. If your old pin code is 8734 and what you want to change by 6348, the line would look like this:


As you can see, this process there was no difficulty. If you need to change the code of your card, now you have a simple way to do it.