How to change the height of an image in Windows step by step

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Images taken with cameras and mobile devices have increasingly higher resolution, which implies larger images and, therefore, larger sizes. However, even though we are used to it, the truth is that large images are not always needed.

In fact, it is quite frequent, especially for requests and on Internet sites, to see that the width or height of an image is limited, not being able to provide images that exceed the number of pixels indicated, so we are going to show you in this case how you can crop any image to have a certain height step by step.

How to change the height of any image in Windows

As we mentioned, as with the width of the photos, there is also the possibility of crop any image or photo to fit a certain height in pixels, thus achieving that it fits with what is necessary. For this, tools such as Paint, included with the operating system itself as standard, or make use of the Microsoft PowerToys in the case of being installed, thanks to which the task can be carried out faster.

How to change the height of an image in Windows step by step 1

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How to change the width of an image in Windows

Change the height of your photos using Paint

It is the most recommended option if you only need it in a specific way and for an image, because you will not need to install absolutely anything on your computer since it comes standard with Windows. To change the height using Paint, you must first click with the right mouse button on the image to be cropped and, in the contextual menu, select the option “Edit” to open the image in Paint directly.

With it open within Paint, to be able to change its height you must choose within the ribbon at the top the option called “Resize”, which will open a new window in which you can select the change to make. In this case, you must make sure that you have marked the option Pixels within the unit of measure, and then enter into the field Vertical the new high for the image. Now, for the width to be configured automatically and proportionally, you must leave the box checked Keep aspect ratio, otherwise the image will be deformed.

Change the height of an image using Paint

How to change the height of an image in Windows step by step 3

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So you can download and install GIMP on your computer, the free image editor

Once you have done this, you will only have go to the menu File from the top and choose any of the save options so that the image is recorded according to your preferences with the new size that you have established based on its final height.

Resize any image using Microsoft PowerToys

Another option to resize images by adjusting to a predetermined height is through use Microsoft PowerToys. In this case, it is a set of free tools created by Microsoft for Windows 10, which we have already talked about on previous occasions and which allow you to perform a series of tasks in a more comfortable way, including the possibility to resize images.

In this way, in the case of having the PowerToys, you should see the right click click an option that allows you to make the change in question. So, you will have to choose in the context menu the option “Change the size of the images”, which will show a window with options. Once inside, you will have to choose option Personalized, Y change unit to Pixels. Now, choosing the option of cutout Fit, You will have to insert the new height in the second hole of the image in question, leaving the first one empty.

How to change the height of an image in Windows step by step 5

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Change the height of an image with Microsoft PowerToys

By doing this, the program will understand that the width measurements must be calculated to be proportional, and By clicking on the “Change size” button, the corresponding changes will be applied. Depending on how you have configured the options at the bottom regarding copies, new images will be generated with the new height or old ones will be overwritten.

Download the Microsoft PowerToys for free from GitHub …