How to change the graphics level with this app

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And it is not always a positive thing, since having a game like Real Racing 3 to support on mobile is not easy. It is a resource-intensive development. First of all because of the high graphic level as it is a simulator; and second, it has so much downloadable content that it causes wear not only of the processor or RAM, but also of the battery. Fortunately, we can lower this level of graphics to make Real Racing less demanding.

Real Racing 3

How to change the graphics level in Real Racing 3

There are two ways to do it, but you will be the ones who are going to choose the best way to do it. It is indifferent which one can be chosen, although it is true that the first one that we are going to present may be simpler at first. It will be through an app, which will be in charge of configuring the title graphic section.

There is little explanation that this method needs, simply go to the application that is required to fulfill this task, called RR Graphics Settings. Then install it and choose the level of graphic quality you want. From there, choose the most appropriate configuration depending on your device, since it has up to 5 configurations, not counting the one available to leave the game by default and as it was initially. It is true that we notice a certain downgrade in several elements, one being

Manual way to change graphic quality

This way of doing it is not too mysterious either, without the need to download any external application. Of course, it requires a file browser to carry out the method, so if you don’t have one installed on your Android, it’s time to do it. Once inside, go to Android / Data / / .depot and once there rename the file eds by eds.backup, then go into that folder and copy the file you want according to the quality.

If you want the highest quality, look at the tagline of the first files, copy the one that says XtraHigh.plist. Then create a folder in .depot with the name eds and paste the previously copied file there. It is a somewhat more confusing method but it can be useful for certain users.