How to change the country of Google Play

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How to change the country of Google Play

The Android App Store changes depending on the country, and not only the language and the currency: some applications are available in some countries and not in others. In this way, in Google Play only the applications of the country of your account appear, but it can be changed.

Since two years ago, Google Play allows you to change the country of your account to match where you live. This change has many limitations, although it is useful if you have moved to another country and want local applications to appear without the need to do tricks or temporary fixes.

When can you change the country on Google Play

Some applications and games are launched on Google Play first in some countries, so that people who search for that application in the rest of the globe, it does not appear. If you are looking to change the country of Google Play to download an application available in another region, this method will not work for you: it is only for when you have moved to another country. Instead, try Aurora Store.

The Google Play country change option is reserved for when you move to another country and it has important restrictions to prevent it from being abused: you can only change country once a year and as long as you have a payment method associated with the new country, such as a Paypal account, a bank card or the possibility of using the mobile bill to make payments.

How to change the country of Google Play

The good news is, if you qualify, the process is pretty easy. First, you will need to press the ☰ button in the search bar to display the side panel. In this menu, enter the section of Bill. Remember before switching to the account you want to change, in case you have several configured on your mobile.


On the screen that opens you will see which country is your Google Play account associated with and, if you meet the requirements, you will be shown just below a section for Switch to the Play Store version of your new country. You can’t choose which one, Google Play automatically detects it. The requirements for this section to appear are the following:

  • That you are in a different country than your account, according to your IP address

  • That you have not changed the country of Google Play in the last year

  • That you have the possibility of using a payment method for that country (credit card, Paypal, charge to the account …)

  • That your account is not part of a family associated with another country

If so, the next step is choose the new payment method that corresponds to the new country. Depending on the method you choose, the next step will be to add and verify it, to include it in your Google account.

Change country2

Then you just have to wait. According to Google, the process to change the country of Google Play may take between 24 and 48 hours. You will lose your balance, although it will be “saved” in your account, so if later (in a year or more) you return to the previous country, your balance should still be there.

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How to change the country of Google Play

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How to change the country of Google Play 2