How to change screen resolution on Android

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Table of Contents

The screen of our Android is essential to be able to interact with it: whether to send a message, check email, play a game of Clash Royale, watch a series or movie on Netflix … practically anything. Depending on our needs (or how we use the phone), it may be interesting modify screen resolution of our Android. This can help us get a better user experience and, in addition, most devices equipped with the green robot operating system allow us to make this change without undue difficulty. In this article we will see how to do it in the simplest and fastest way.

How to modify your screen resolution

First of all, open your phone’s settings:

Android home screen

Then click screen:

Android settings menu in detailAndroid settings menu in detail

Then we click Advanced:

Button to show advanced optionsButton to show advanced options

We will have to attend to two elements to change the resolution of the screen. First of all we will look at a section called Font size:

Button to modify the font size in AndroidButton to modify the font size in Android

If we click on it, we will access the following menu:

Slider to modify the text sizeSlider to modify the text size

Making use of the slider that is at the bottom of the screen, we will make the letter larger or smaller. This is used to change a part of the resolution, but it does not change everything (it only affects the source).

The next point we have to look at is where we can read Screen zoom:

Button to change screen resolutionButton to change screen resolution

By clicking on it, we will get to this screen:

Slider to change screen resolutionSlider to change screen resolution

Again, if we make use of the slider that we can see in the lower part, we will change the size of the icons to make it more consistent with the font size that we have indicated. This last point does modify the resolution of the screen.

This method, however, is used exclusively for terminals with Android Stock. ¿What can we do in other models? Well, let’s bear in mind that all this that we are going to tell you may vary depending on the manufacturer, but as a general rule the most important ones should allow you to carry out the process in a more or less similar way to this:

  1. Enter your phone settings.
  2. After in screen.
  3. Then click on Screen resolution or similar (varies depending on the manufacturer).
  4. Choose the desired resolution.

As you can see, this method does not involve any difficulties. Being able to choose a screen resolution that suits what you really need, as you can see, costs nothing.