How to change region servers Garena Free Fire

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Yes, it is possible. Officially, Garena ensures that you do not include this idea of changing the location of the servers, unless it is a special case. But there is a method that allows you to achieve this in a quick and easy way, without having to develop a formal justification for it.

What is the use of change of region?

Well, it really is something that depends on the ambitions of each one. A casual player might not need to explore this idea, but a user with more claims may seem to be quite interesting. As we have said before, Garena Free Fire split their servers by region, so that the players of Europe, for example, it is impossible to compete with other areas such as the united States or Asiaprobably where the highest level of the game. This will provide an opportunity to face the best of other areas.

How to change the region of the servers?

As Garena is not allowed officially, todo is to be based on changing the location of our IP address like admin to simulate that we are in that area, but not physically. To do this, we’re going to use apps that modify the VPN from the terminal, therefore we have chosen to Turbo VPN, but can be any other like Hola Free VPN or similar.

It has a function quite easy, but for those who do not handle this type of programs, we will explain how it works. Open the app and then activate the “Connect” button, with which we located in another geographical area, either automatically or manually. From there, just start Garena Free Fire and begin to play, only with the difference to compete with rivals from other parts of the world.

If the chosen option is Hola Free VPN, we have the possibility of change the IP address individuallywithout the need to switch the smartphone completely. Once open, select the game from Garena, and it will appear in a menu in which you can choose the region you want, whether it be any country in the Americas or Asia. If we opted for Turbo VPN, is that it is free and offers navigation data unlimited, although the two options are valid.