How to catch Jirachi in Pokémon GO step-by-step

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Table of Contents

We will achieve this through the Special Investigations, some missions that Pokémon GO is already launched in order to encourage what has been commented in a few lines above, that will get encourage the search for new creatures. Creatures that the people of Niantic added at each update of the game. There are many out to capture, but on this occasion we will treat this Pokemon Desire.

Prerequisites to be taken into account

It is not that we can capture this Pokémon immediately, before we have to have met certain requirements to opt-in to find it. It is not a simple field research, so if you are a beginner or a player with few resources, it will be better to wait to be more prepared another time.

More than requirements, they are recommendations that we make to face these missions in the best possible way. We should meet a player profile with level 25 -more or less-, or have a generous amount of Pokémon registered in the Pokédex, in addition to having enough resources, such as berries and Pokéballs special.

Yes, now you can capture Jirachi

I would be all ready to start the mission, or maybe not. According to the Pokémon that we want to choose, it will be necessary or not, get some other creature special to be able to unlock the one we wish to capture. In this case, with Jirachi, you will not should get Pokémon in particular, but it does meet a minimum in order to unlock it.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

In the research ‘A discovery unique’, we get to phase 3 of this mission, that is to say, reach level 15, to fight in a gym 2 times and participate in 2 raids. This will result, apart from rewards, experience necessary to capture Jirachi. This Special Investigation, called ‘A thousand-year sleep’, will consist of 7 phases to be able to face the legendary Pokémon and catch it.

Phase 1

Once you start the mission, the first thing we need to do is to capture 25 creatures, regardless of type or level that they have. Then, we place ourselves in a Poképarada or in a Gym, and we turn to 10 fotodiscos, which will deal with a Jigglypuff, which have to capture.

How to catch Jirachi in Pokémon GO step-by-step 1

Finally, we add 3 new friends to our list, that will give us the opportunity to meet with Feebas and get him. The reward for achieving this will be a module bait mossy, module bait glacear and module bait magnetic.

Phase 2

In the first place, there is that capture 3 Whismur, that will give us 10 candies. In the second place, we do evolve a Feebas, and in last place, win the gold badge of Hoenn. This will reward us with 2000 powders, stellar, 10 Pokébalss and 3 incense.

Phase 3

We will take a photograph with Loudred in the place that we want, because there will appear to Snorlax to capture it. Then, we do 3 major releases in a row, to finish winning 3 hard candy walk quietly with our partner. The rewards for this phase are 20 berries Pinia Silver, 3 pieces-star, and 2000 dusts of stars.

Phase 4

Without even desist, despite the complexity of the mission, we captured 50 Psychic-Type Pokémon or Type of Steel, the more easy to be found. Then, to a pet either, we will give you 10 times more power, and finally send 10 gifts to friends who we want. By fulfilling this phase, the game gives us 1 MT of quick attack, a Pass to Raid Premium and 1 MT of charged attack.

Phase 5

At this stage of the mission, fight 1 team leader 3 times in a row, allowing us to confront Kricketune. The second step is to win a coach up to 7 times, and finally, win in 5 raids. The rewards will be 3 rare candies, 20 Ultraballs and 3000 powders stellar.

Phase 6

We are at the gates to get the goal, so that it will be worth it to overcome this phase. In this way, we take 5 snapshots of a Pokémon Type Steel or Psychic-Type, which gives us an encounter with Chimecho and capture it with total safety.phase 6 to capture jirachi at the pokémon go

Then, we hit on 3 pitches, curve ball, excellent shape in addition to be able to face a Bronzong. The final step is to spin a Poképarada for 7 days in a row. This will give us some rewards such as 10 berries Pinia Silver, 10 pieces of star and 5000 powder stellar.

Phase 7: open the doors to catch a Jirachi

We have invested time to meet the 6 previous stages, we’d even say that we have sweated to achieve this precise moment to capture a Pokémon as rare as it is Jirachi. Once you have arrived at this moment, it only remains to us to appear automatically just at the end of the sixth phase, since at this stage we don’t have to do anything more, just missing that.phase 7 capture jirachi pokémon go

Select “Get rewards”, which will be 20 caramels, Jirachi and a t-shirt Jirachi. The ultimate gift, as there can be no other way, will be the emergence of the desired creature. However, we can only catch it with a Poké-Ball normal, but peace of mind, it is an encounter entirely symbolic, is secured his catch at the third attempt.