How to catch Glalie in Pokémon GO

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Glalie is a very interesting Ice-type Pokémon. It was introduced in the third generation of the saga, from the region of Hoenn. It is the first evolution of Snorunt -in addition to Froslass, which is obtained with a special stone – and was added during one of the winter events of Pokémon GO, which took place in December 2017. It is a rocky body covered by a huge mass of ice that can weigh more of 250 kilos and measuring 1.5 meters. Its appearance with two horns makes it very attractive to have it registered in the Pokédex, since it is quite rare to find. In addition, it is capable of attacks of type ghost Y steel, which gives it even more exclusivity.

What methods are there to obtain or hunt Glalie

As we said, it is a fairly difficult Pokémon to get. Do not expect to go down the street and run into him, since according to the game, it is “extremely rare” that he appears to us and has a rate of appearance of the twenty%. In addition, it is not available in eggs either, so the options of getting it are quite remote. But do not worry, since there are two possible methods of getting it, and if you already master the game to spare, it will not be very difficult to achieve it.

The easiest way to get Glalie is by evolving to Snorunt. This ice-type Pokémon appears much more frequently than Glalie, and it is usually in areas of heavy snowfall and ice, although in spring and summer it is more common to see it in caves and rocky places. To evolve it, we will need 100 candies that we can get by catching many of them. On the other hand, this Pokémon also appears in 5 kilometer eggsAnother option that can benefit us a lot if there are not many in our area. In addition, we will get extra candies if we have to.


The other way to get hold of it is through raids. Glalie currently appears in Raids on 3 star in Pokémon GO, which means that the difficulty to get it is intermediate. It is one of the most attractive and rare Pokémon in all of Hoenn, and the trainers are really eager to catch it. In fact, it has only been available in raids for very little time, as it was added at the end of April and has become very successful.

Equipment needed to hunt this Pokémon

Items and objects: classes of pokéballs and berries for the battle

First of all, we must fight him. If we are successful, we will access the typical screen to capture it. As in any incursion, we will have Honor Balls to capture it, and the amount will depend on several factors, such as the damage we have inflicted or belonging to the same team as the gym, among others. In any case, it has the same capture rate as a Poké Ball, so we will have to be patient to capture it.

honor balls

To capture a Pokémon we must correctly execute the launch. When we are in front of him, two circles appear around him. The inside can be colored green, yellow, Orange Y Red, and measure the difficulty of catching the Pokémon. In addition, the size of this size varies to make it more difficult for us to get hold of the creature. The smaller it is, the more difficult it will be, but we will also have a better chance of executing a launch Excellent and to gain more experience. The effect also plays a fundamental role, although this is more difficult to master. If we get a good curve, we will be able to catch the most powerful Pokémon.

Finally, to facilitate the capture, we can apply berries. Berry Frambu It is the most common of all and we can get it at any PokéStop. This improves the capture ratio up to x1.5, a quite considerable improvement. We can also use the same but in its version Golden. This will improve the ratio up to x2.5, and can be achieved in raids and special research tasks. On the other hand, with the Latano berry we will make the Pokémon move less easily, and the Pinia berry and its Silver version will provide us with more candies if we capture it.

pokemon go berries

Best types of Pokémon to defeat

As you already know, Glalie is an Ice-type Pokémon. Therefore, it is a movement resistant creature of its own type, but it is quite weak against movements of type Fire, Struggle, rock Y Steel. The first two are the most effective and the ones that can deal the most damage, although rock and steel can also take a lot of life out of it. Creatures like Charizard, Machamp, Flareon or Rhyperior they are very good options to face it.

Which attacks are most effective against Glalie

If you are lucky enough to have a Blaziken, creature of the third generation and evolution of Torchic Y Combusken, you can do a lot of damage, since it is a Pokémon that performs movements of both types. Using counterattack Y igneous ring we will achieve an effectiveness of 92%. On the other hand, there are other types of Pokémon like Reshiram that can cause even more effective damage. This legendary is the one that can do the most damage through his fiery fang Y suffocation, reaching 100% effectiveness.

pokemon to defeat glalie

Other creatures that are easier to get but that can also do a lot of damage to Glalie are Metagross and his meteor fist, with 97%, Lucario and his sphere aural with 96%, Chandelure and her flushing with 95% and Volcarona with her flushing with 94%. Finally, the megaevolutions of some Pokémon are very effective, although these are quite difficult to obtain. This can be achieved through mega energy, which we can obtain by completing mega raids Y research tasks.