How to capture Burmy in all his evolutions

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It does not have that great poster that other copies have for their historical value. However, with the characteristics that it has in relation to its difficulty to capture it, we will see that it is a very attractive Pokémon and that many players will want to have.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

Burmy, characteristics and movements

It is true that Niantic has not designed a step by step, as it has done with other critters, of how to capture it. However, the experience of many coaches in this game has made them notice a certain routine or a common pattern each time they have encountered it. Hence, a way to get this Pokémon has spread, although not only Burmy, but all its evolutions and shiny forms.

burmy pokémon go

To begin with, we are not facing a regional Pokémon, so we can get it anywhere in the world without major problems. With the obstacle of localization overcome, it remains to be seen what its characteristics are. Burmy is a bug-type Pokémon introduced in the Fourth generation of Pokémon. This unique creature presents as a special characteristic various forms of the same species that change depending on the place of appearance or combat, with up to three different forms.

However, in this mobile game it will work differently. Its different variants are known as “capes” since what the Pokémon does is cover itself with materials from the terrain it is on. These forms are divided into Plant, Sand Y Trash.

As we have said, Burmy is a Pokémon of bug type. Bug-type Pokémon are strong against Grass, Poison, and Psychic-type Pokémon. However, they are weak against Fire, Fighting, Flying, and Ghost-type Pokémon. As for his attacks, as fast movements he has Lock and Sting, and as a charged move he has Combat.

How to catch Burmy in Pokémon GO

Specifically, the players who have noticed that Burmy pattern and have been in charge of showing it to the community, has been the well-known group The Silph Road from the Reddit forum. They have deduced that Burmy’s locations match those of the main saga, regardless of region or whether it is a time-exclusive Pokémon.

Discarding the idea of ​​getting it through eggs, since Burmy is a Pokémon that must evolve and cannot be achieved by incubating eggs, how we can capture it. A lot will have to do with the way we find it, since that influences the area where it can appear.

burmy mothim pokémon go

In this way, a Burmy in the form of a Plant will only be found in areas such as forests, parks or places with grass. If it is a Sand Burmy, it only appears on beaches and other sandy environments. And if it is a Burmy in the form of garbage, it will only be seen in urban areas such as towns or cities. To capture it there is not much more mystery, simply throw a Poké Ball, and if anything, some Berries so that it does not escape and lower its defenses.

Evolve a Burmy into Wormadam and Mothim

Once we have a Burmy, it is a tremendously usable Pokémon, since we can evolve it up to two times. The first thing to take into account for the evolution of this Pokémon is its gender. To get Wormadam we will not have to eat our brains unlike its complexity in the main game series, but it will be enough with 50 Burmy candies. This evolution also features the same three forms of Brumy. As requirements, we have to get a female Burmy of the corresponding shape and 50 candies. This is what we have to do for each type:

  • Wormadam plant: Become a female Burmy plant and receive 50 Burmy candies.
  • Wormadam arena: Become a female Sand Burmy and receive 50 Burmy candies.
  • Wormadam trash: Be Burmy Trash Female and receive 50 Burmy Candies.

As to Mothim, We must know that regardless of the layer or shape of our Burmy, it only needs to be a male and another 50 Burmy candies to evolve to this form. In addition, it is another example that we can find in its shiny version.