How to buy food on Instagram? Tests have already begun

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Purchases of Instagram

Any user who has used Instagram for several years now seen as the once photography social network has become a showcase for brands and influencers. For some time the company allows you to sell products directly from the platform, without having to create an e-commerce or manage purchase orders of a complicated form.

But today the company has gone a step further, by partnering with a platform for selling food online in Los Angeles order ask for certain dishes directly from the stories of Instagram.

Buy food in Instagram is now possible

Due to the current situation of quarantine in many states of the united States, some meal services to your home have wanted to go a step further. It is the case of ChowNow, a platform that operates in Los Angeles and has decided to partner with Instagram to create a sticker that can be used in the stories to ask directly for food.

How to buy food on Instagram? Tests have already begun

The idea is that it is used by restaurants that have delivery service, being able to upload stories to their profiles Instagram, or creating ads for clients to directly buy it from the website of ChowNow.

An idea that should be international

The length and width of the world is watching as the few restaurants that are still operating do so thanks to the in-home services, as they are not allowed to open in many countries on several continents. The implementation of the sticker that is testing Instagram in Los Angeles would perhaps increase the number of orders and minimize the damage caused by the coronavirus.

Responsible for ChowNow has commented on song of the new sticker on the stories has led them between two and three weeks, so that is not a no-brainer that more platforms of this type, or restaurants and chains, can be associated with Instagram to achieve something similar.

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