How to block pop up ads on Android

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It is said that advertising is a necessary evil that we must endure: it is obvious that platforms online, media, or applications, have to be financed somehow. If we stick to the statistics, the latest surveys conducted by the AIMC (Association for the Investigation of Communication Media) the Spanish users reveal that 74% think that advertising is necessary to fund these services. On the other hand, 86% of respondents think that there is too much advertising. And of the total, 85% claimed that the advertising disrupts and impoverishes their experience on the Internet. In a nutshell: see ads bother us much. Especially when you encounter one of those cases in which “sneaks some article among the advertising”.

It is not the first (nor the last) that we, as users, we are reading something very interesting in our browser of choice on Android when, suddenly, appears on the screen an ad that hides the text completely and takes several seconds to disappear. Are the known as ads pop-up or emergingand here we will try to show you how to avoid them in the major browsers.

How to block pop ups with Google Chrome

In the first place, go to Chrome on your Android and open it. Tap the menu at the top right of the screen and in Settings:

Menu of ChromeMenu of Chrome

From there, go to the section Advanced settings doing the scroll and search Configuration of the web site:

Advanced settings in ChromeAdvanced settings in Chrome

In that menu, look for Pop-up windows and redirects and click on it:

Configuration of websites in ChromeConfiguration of websites in Chrome

You will come to the following screen:

Management of blocking of pop-up ads in ChromeManagement of blocking of pop-up ads in Chrome

Chrome has the pop-ups disabled by default, but it’s good to check it out.

How to block pop-ups in Firefox and Focus

The big advantage of Firefox over the competition is that it allows the use of extensions in its version for Android, which simplifies things a lot. In this case we will opt for one of the ad blockers generic work best in the market: uBlock Origin.

To install it we wrote about:addons in the address bar of your browser and click on Discover the extensions to recommended Firefox:

Options of add-ons in FirefoxOptions of add-ons in Firefox

Usually uBlock is the first snap of the list. Click on it:

Gallery of Firefox extensionsGallery of Firefox extensions

We arrive at the following screen, where clicking on Add to Firefox the add-on will be installed and will start automatically:

Installing uBlock OriginInstalling uBlock Origin

With uBlock will we have in our terminal a very powerful tool that we get rid of the advertisements once and for all. Yes, if you are looking for a solution “all in one”, that in addition take care of your browsing data, Firefox Focus integrates the functions of ad-blocking and privacy native form; they are activated upon opening the browser without the user having to perform any additional actions.

How to block pop-ups in Opera

A few versions of this part, Opera has an ad-blocking feature of the series to the more pure style of Firefox, the Focus. In this sense, it works exactly the same: just download and install the browser to have it up and running.

In fact, if you open the browser and click on the menu button (bottom right of the screen, the logo of the browser) you will see the following:

Ad-blocking Opera activatedAd-blocking Opera activated

As we say, this blocking native is active in both the versions of mobile, as in the PC. Allows some ads that are not considered intrusive, but keeps the pop-ups away from the user.

How to block pop-ups in Brave

Brave is a web browser designed to keep the advertising at bay and to offer a quick experience on the Internet. Many users have adopted it and have found something familiar, since it is based on Chrome.

This means that in the first place, go to the menu, which on this occasion is in the bottom right of the screen. There you click on Settings:

Menu BraveMenu Brave

From there we go to the advanced settings and click on Configuration of the web site:

Settings of the BraveSettings of the Brave

In this section we click on Pop-up windows and redirects:

Configuration of websites in BraveConfiguration of websites in Brave

We will see how the pop-ups are blocked by default:

Management of blocking pop-ups in BraveManagement of blocking pop-ups in Brave

As you can see, the path to block pop-up ads on Brave is exactly the same as in the Google browser.

How to block pop-ups in Dolphin Browser

This browser also offers a solution to block pop-up ads in the style of the Chrome, as it also blocks all the advertising and pop-up advertisements. To access it first open Dolphin and tap on the menu (the dolphin at the bottom of the screen):

General view of Dolphin BrowserGeneral view of Dolphin Browser

When you open the menu, tap on the cogwheel to access the settings:

Main menu Dolphin BrowserMain menu Dolphin Browser

You’ll come to a screen with two tabs, General and Advanced. Tap Advanced and then scroll up to the section Web content. If everything is correct, the option Block pop-up windows it should be enabled by default (check if not):

Advanced settings of Dolphin BrowserAdvanced settings of Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is one of the classics in Android browsers are concerned. It has evolved as the operating system and its users have done so, with great results and a very good continuity in time.

How to block pop-ups Adblocker Browser

The thread of what we mentioned with the Brave, Adblocker Browser also offers features ad-blocking native that, of course, also affect the pop-up ads. This browser also should have active by default popup blocking, so to check this go to the menu at the top right of the screen and click on it. From there, go to Settings:

Main menu of Adblocker BrowserMain menu of Adblocker Browser

Do scroll down until you get to the section Options of blocking ads:

Management of blocking pop-ups Adblocker BrowserManagement of blocking pop-ups Adblocker Browser

The lock pop-ups it should be on by default. If not, activate it yourself.