How to block calls on Android mobiles

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You may be considering the possibility of block calls on your phone for various reasons. The most common scenario is the continuous reception of advertising calls. If you want to stop receiving unwanted calls, pay attention to the advice we give you in this article.

Block calls on Android without apps

The first method to block calls What we recommend is to use the native application of your device. Depending on the manufacturer the process may change slightly. However, the steps to follow are usually very similar.

To block a call, go to the call history by pressing Recents. In this section you will find the easiest way to block specific calls.

Recent callsRecent calls

Make a long press on the incoming call (you can also do it with the outgoing and missed calls) to open the menu. Then, click on Block number.

Block incoming or outgoing callBlock incoming or outgoing call

Confirm the lock by tapping on Block.

Confirm lockConfirm lock

Additionally, it is possible to block specific numbers. To do this, go to the phone application settings and tap on Blocked numbers.

Blocked numbersBlocked numbers

Use the button Add number to add a new number to the block list.

Add number to blocked listAdd number to blocked list

After entering the number in the text field, the block will be in effect. In this list you can also check the blocked calls from the section Recents. After taking these steps, you will no longer receive calls from that specific number.

Block calls on Android with apps

In addition to the native application of your device, you can use various tools that will provide you with additional functions. Here are some of them.


Truecaller is one of the most effective applications when it comes to blocking calls. In addition, it allows you to identify even those numbers that are not registered in your phonebook. After installing and setting it as the default calling app, you will need to enter your number. You will receive a call to confirm that it is a real number.

Enter number in TruecallerEnter number in Truecaller

After completing the initial setup, you will access the call log. Make a long press on any of the entries and, in the menu of the three dots, select Block.

Block number with TruecallerBlock number with Truecaller

Once this is done, calls from that number will no longer bother you.

Clever Dialer

In much the same way, Clever Dialer can help you block calls quickly and easily. Again, you need to set this tool as the default application to manage your calls. So, open the lock tab.

Lock tabLock tab

Select option Blocklist.

Block listBlock list

Click on the + (plus) symbol and choose an option. If it comes to blocking incoming calls, go for Phone number from call log. So you can choose a number from the call log.

Choose call to blockChoose call to block

Click on the call to apply the restriction.

Call to blockCall to block

Finally, you will have blocked the call on your Android device.

Call Control

Call Control It is the third option that we propose in this guide to block calls. As with Truecaller and Clever Dialer, you need to tell the system that Call Control will be the default application for calls. After creating your account and granting the necessary permissions, the call log will be displayed. A long press on the call you want to block is enough to reveal the menu. In it, select Block & Report.

Block call with Call ControlBlock call with Call Control

In the drop-down that will appear on the screen, select an option. Tell Call Control what type of call it is. so that the app notices are more effective.

Report callReport call

From then on, calls from the blocked number will not reach your device.

Other apps to block incoming calls

The three applications that we have shown you are perfect to obtain additional blocking options to the native app of your device, so you do not lack options and alternatives to try. However, if this collection falls short of you, or you think of some other related functionality that might exist, there are a lot of call blocking tools with more options and settings. Be that as it may, as long as you manage to avoid being woken up from a nap by those insistent commercials, everyone is happy.