How to block access to an app given in the phone

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Table of Contents

In fact, there are apps predefined in the terminal that are impossible to uninstall, known as bloatware. Or even, programs installed from the store, but that will take a lot of freedom to acquire operating permits at the terminal. In the interests of protecting our privacy or the information we have stored in an application, we will review several methods.

Protects apps with a password

If we want to reserve our privacy against other people who are trying to access certain apps, such as social networks. Set a password that will allow you to restrict such access could be crucial to our peace of mind, although there are now more methods as the finger sensor or the unlock gesture.

app lock lock app

To do this, we can help AppLock, a program that allows you to lock an app by activating these encrypted for greater protection of our data. The application has different security systems such as PIN, pattern, sensor, fingerprint or face unlock. What is more, it has capacity to create passwords individualized to each app and a photo of the face of that person you are trying to access without success such application.

Lock: AppLock
Lock: AppLock

Blocks access to apps from the settings

If you do not want to rely on an app external, out of distrust or for any other reason, you can do the same from the settings menu. The latest updates of the Android operating system allow restrict access to applications individuallyincluding this way only the programs that you want to reserve for better privacy.

block app settings

To do this, we seek in the settings a section called “Blocking Applications”. Once there, you just have to add apps as desired, and automatically will create all the systems of locking, both the PIN and the finger sensor. In addition, you can enable the hidden content in the notifications of these apps, as well as content from the multi-tasking.

Logged on as guest

This is not a direct way to block apps, but it allows them to protect our privacy to perform certain actions without any risk. To achieve this, we are going to protect all the data that we have in the Google account with a login as a guest.

block app guest account

This makes all the actions we take in the app. In this way, we protect the personal e-mail address, payment methods, directions, pictures and a wealth of information. This action can be done quickly dragging down the notification bar and clicking on the icon of the avatar. Then, start session and already allow us to download and use apps from the Play Store, with all the information saved in the default profile.

If you have a Samsung or Huawei, you should know this

If you have a mobile between these two manufacturers, we must know that have two separate systems ara to block access to an app given. In the case of Samsung, uses what they call ‘Secure Folders’where you can add apps to the folder, which will have a encryption and an encrypted that we establish.

lock app private space huawei

On the other hand, Huawei has a system called ‘Private Space’, which consists in creating a new desktop, with only the pre-installed apps and everything that we moved to this new space. It is as if the terminal had been reset, still all factory. In addition, this private space that we can set-up we are only going to access us with a security key.