How to avoid the geographic restrictions in the Internet

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Friday night: I prepare a dinner succulent and you plug your favorite entertainment to enjoy a good movie or series, the typical short time of peli, a sofa and a blanket. When you find what you want to see and try to play it, a message check on the ground the plan: you can’t view the content by geographical restrictions. Happens on YouTube, in Netflix and until Spotify: offer content that is not available worldwide and is accessible only in function of the place in which you are located. This is not a boycott of your entertainment as such, but rather of the constraints that apply to the content owners, whose rights of emission and reproduction can be in the hands of several groups, each one of them focused on a particular market. Something similar to the movie that already released in the united States and yet cannot be seen in our country, but applied to any digitized content, and taken to the extreme.

Is there a way to see all of that content regardless of our geographical location? Indeed there is, and passes by use any of the VPN services available in the market. This type of platforms available to the user, servers of all parts of the world, so just connect to them to make us pass for a visit from any country accepted. What the content can only be viewed in the united States? You are using a server in Washington and problem solved. What is the last song K-Pop of your favorite band can only be viewed on YouTube Music of South Korea? Just that you connect to a server in Seoul to pass by a citizen of that country.

Best VPN to access restricted content from Netflix and other platforms

Netflix on the screen of a TVNetflix on the screen of a TV

If you are interested in this type of services by the obvious advantages they offer in terms of entertainment (we already spoke on another occasion of some advantages of the VPN) the first thing you should know is that there are VPN free and paid. Don’t need to be very intelligent to assume that the payment function better and faster. And it is precisely the access to restricted content on multimedia platforms is one of the major claims of the companies that are engaged to offer them.

If you’re looking for the best servers in VPN What is you’ll be able to compare among all the available ones and see which ones really work well, with special detail in its compatibility with Netflix and other content platforms friends of the geographical restriction. You’ll be able to check prices, analysis of detailed usage to be able to check its effectiveness and if the connection speed is affected (use any VPN implies a reduction of the speed of the connection, but there are VPN services that handle this aspect better than others), and shortcuts to web pages if you want to hire one.

What happens with the free solutions? It is normal that the number of servers available is very less and may not include any in the country in which you are interested. It is also common that the connection speed is not as fast as they should, especially when we are talking about making streaming of content. And finally is compromised the security of your data: if you do not earn money with you, there is always the possibility of trading with them, and that doesn’t seem to be the most convenient when you are looking for privacy and anonymity.

In all cases it is sufficient to locate a server in a country compatible with the content and you connect to it. After you will be able to enter Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Tidal or whatever you have at hand and play the content you want without restrictions. Yes, posts to hire a service, it compares well among all the alternatives; the more servers you offer, and the higher the speed of connection they provide, the better for your free time. Don’t forget to also take a look at the legal jurisdiction in which it operates each service and its policy of storage of logs and records of use.