How to add the Google widget in iOS for Android

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Table of Contents

This is because the new iOS operating system allows you to use third-party services instead of their native apps, as well as widgets from other platforms on your home screen. The best of all this is that Android users can take advantage of such designs to install them on our terminal.

What Google widgets can be used?

The Google application in iOS 14 brings I get two useful widgets. One, one size smaller, is just a search box. The other is a larger box that has a search bar and shortcuts to Google Lens, voice search, and incognito search.

On Android, Google’s list of widgets is a bit more extensive, with widgets for Gmail, News, Chrome, Calendar, Drive, and many others. Still, the Google widget for iOS only has one layout and one polished that Android doesn’t have. In short, we can use the Google Search interface that is implemented in iOS to our Android home screen.

How to install the Google widget on iOS for Android

With the KWGT app, you can have the Google iOS 14 widget on your Android device in just a few moments. A user of the social network Twitter created a completely free set of widgets that has hosted on Google Drive . You just have to access the link where will be all versions, both light and dark, of the Google widget inspired by iOS 14 that can be easily applied to your Android phone through this KWGT app.

widget google ios 14 android

First, download and extract the files. Next, you place a 4 × 2 KWGT widget in a blank area of ​​your home screen. Click on it and then import the preset, although for that step you will need the premium version of the app. You’ll see the preset loaded in the editor. Theoretically, you would be ready to start enjoying these elements, but there are a couple of additional steps that can improve the usability of the widget.

widget google ios 14

First, you can download the Google Lens app from Google Play for that button to work properly. You can then redirect the “Incognito” shortcut to open Chrome or a privacy-focused browser. Since this is not an official widget, it cannot properly open Google or Chrome incognito mode. Therefore, to redirect any of the shortcuts, you simply have to click the icon from the editor and you will see an “edit” button appear at the bottom of the screen.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker
KWGT Kustom Widget Maker