How to add Petal Search widget to home screen on Huawei

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Petal Search has been available in Spain for several months, as Huawei’s alternative to the Google app. A search engine with which we can do any search or read news from the media that interest us, in the purest Discover style. In addition, the Huawei application also allows you to update the applications you have on your phone, as it draws from various sources.

These months Huwei has been updating this application and one of its latest news is the possibility of add a widget to the home screen. Petal Search copies in this way one of the main features of the Google application for Android devices.

Add Petal Search widget to home screen

Petal Search widget Huawei

Petal Search is designed to replace google app on Huawei and Honor phones without Android. That is why the Chinese brand also introduces the possibility of adding that widget with the application’s search bar, a design similar to that of Google, although it cannot be customized yet. This will make it possible to search from the home page of your phone. The steps to add this widget are:

  1. Go to the home screen of your mobile.
  2. Long press on a blank space on the screen.
  3. Tap on Widgets.
  4. Look for the Petal Search widget.
  5. Place it on the screen.
  6. Adjust its size if you want it to be bigger or smaller.

Once this is done we already have the search widget on the home screen of our Huawei smartphone. How this widget works is the same as the Google search bar, so we are only going to have to place ourselves on it to enter the search term and wait for the results.

This search widget is a new trailer for Petal Search, which continues to improve its functions in this way and becomes an increasingly solid alternative to the Google app for Huawei phones. If you use the app, update to its most recent version to enjoy this widget now on your phone.

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