How to add friends from PC and PS4

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Table of Contents

With this advantage, we can play the story with friends from other platforms, they should not only come from Android devices. In fact, it supports games of up to 3 players to do missions or overcome enemies in a cooperative way. On the other hand, it includes the function crossave, which allows you to start playing on one platform and then continue on another, saving game progress. Therefore, it offers a very dynamic gameplay.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What do you need to play with friends from other platforms

Unfortunately, this option is not available from the beginning. That is, to start playing with friends, we need to do an individual tour in the history. With this, the developers seek greater competitiveness and that the players play cooperatively with more knowledge of the adventure, and not from the beginning.

add friends genshin impact

First, we are going to review the necessary requirements to be able to play with friends. Otherwise, there is little point in adding them if we can’t play with them. As a main premise, we must Reach level 16 on our Adventure Rank, not the level of the character that is different. Once achieved, we will unlock multiplayer mode to live the adventure with friends.

To get to that level 16, we will need to complete missions from the main story. These include visiting the Mondstat city for the first time and clearing three wind temples that are a short jog from the city. From there, we must open chests and activate landmarks to gain experience. In the level 12 We will unlock the daily missions, another source of points that will make us increase faster.

Add friends in Genshin Impact

To add friends and invite them to the game, we mainly need the Player UID, which is a kind of ID used in the game to identify each user. Obtaining that we will already have everything necessary to add them. That UID is found just below the avatar image, in the character menu, or at the bottom of the screen at all times.

find friends genshin impact

We look for the UID of our friends, add them and we will be ready to play together. To do this, in the character menu, we go to the section “Friends” and click on the second tab to add, while in the first we see the friends that we already have added. However, there are several limitations to take into account when playing cooperatively, apart from the fact that only up to 3 friends can play together:

  • All players joined to a game: They will have access to teleports unlocked by the host player.
  • Only the host of the game can: open treasure chests, continue with the story missions and interact with the NPC’s, that is, with the characters controlled by the machine.
  • Another limitation is that they will not be able to advance in history main in multiplayer.