How to add a notification LED with a free Android app

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Table of Contents

The reasons may be several. First of all, the lower margins carried by the devices make it very difficult to implement a light sensor in such a small gap. But above all, the presence of ‘Always On Display’ It has completely replaced the LED, due to its implementation in the software and the better display of notifications.

How to add a notification LED to any Android

Luckily, those of us who continue to long for this element can agree that there are solutions to remedy it. The truth is that by software we can apply a kind of LED that will notify us of each message, and we mean a real notification LED. Until now, many of the apps dedicated to meeting this need had very limited mechanics, since many of them were dedicated to turning the screen on completely. And that is neither aesthetic nor efficient.

notification led

That is why we bring a tool that meets exactly what we want, an LED taken to the extreme. That can give us NotifyBuddy, an app that allows you to create and customize a notification LED in any Android and any manufacturer. In addition, it has a very efficient battery management, one of the problems that these types of tools gave. It is adapted for any panel, although it should be said that it is much better in the visual section for Amoled and OLED displays, to the detriment of IPS technology.

NotifyBuddy - AMOLED Notification Light
NotifyBuddy - AMOLED Notification Light

How to personalize with NotifyBuddy

The app itself is not very mysterious. Basically it offers the same thing that those apps offered to customize the physical LED that the terminals carried in the past. That is, it is a tool that allows distinguishing the notifications from apps by different colors, applying one of the extensive color palette it has. In the same way, we can choose if from an app we do not want to receive a light for each notification of it.

notification led notifybuddy apps

Where the horizon seems to be ending, NotifyBuddy has an ace up its sleeve. And it is that in the “Settings” section there are still more options that we can adjust based on our preferences. In this way, there are parameters as prominent as:

  • Delayed start: Set a delay time from when the notification appears for the LED to turn on.
  • Blink interval: Time the LED spends flashing.

notification led notifybuddy ways

  • Protection against burns: It prevents burns that the high intensity light emitted by the app can cause, thus avoiding damage to the panel, especially to the affected pixels.
  • Tap twice to unlock the screen.
  • LED shape: Allows you to set an icon to light that the screen emits. Save various shapes such as the app’s own logo, as well as figures of hearts, stars, even the Batman symbol.

notification led notifybuddy settings

There are other options that we must adjust before using the app, such as the low battery limit so that the app continues to run, or the interval of hours where we do not want the terminal to emit lights. In addition, we must activate the option “Unlock with fingerprint”, so that the sensor continues to work while the app is running.