How to activate the second secret app drawer on any Android

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Table of Contents

Thanks to this secret app drawer we can hide application icons that we want, thereby increasing our privacy. Once hidden, the icons for these applications will not appear in the conventional app drawer. This is a previously exclusive function for Xiaomi terminals, but now it is compatible with any Android device.

In order to access this secret app drawer and hide application icons we will have to install a specific launcher that will allow us to activate this second drawer on our device. Only in this way can we access the applications that we have hidden.

LITTLE Launcher
LITTLE Launcher

POCO Launcher is the tool that we are going to use

The app that is going to provide us with this function continues to come from Xiaomi, and specifically it is a launcher. There are more options that allow you to activate that second drawer, even manufacturers use similar methods to block public access to apps, but this is the best and most intuitive way, since we are facing a very well worked and visual launcher. Is he LITTLE Launcher, mounted by the terminals bearing the same name.

POCO Launcher is not the launcher with the most customization options ever, but it still gives you some possibilities to change its appearance. It has the option of installing icon packs, as well as searching for icons by color. On the other hand, it has support for dynamic icons and a dock with four icons for phone, messages, browser and camera.

How to activate the second app drawer on any Android

Therefore, one of the key functions of this POCO Launcher is to create a second application box. The logical thing is to use it to save, in a more hidden way, applications that contain more personal or more sensitive information. Some of the examples can be the bank’s app, a dating app or any other program that we definitely don’t want to show to the public.

The application box opens as in any other launcher, even with the possibility of categorizing the apps by sections. However, he keeps a secret gesture that will be in charge of opening that second hidden drawer. So everything looks normal until we slide to the left twice in a row, and that’s when a new screen will appear. Next, we will activate the drawer by entering the device password or through the fingerprint. If at that precise moment the double gesture does not work or you see it very complicated, there is a second way to do it, which is the following:

  1. Access the POCO Launcher options from the home screen. To do this, on the desktop we pinch the screen with two fingers and click on »Settings ».
  2. After that we will only have to activate the option »Hide application icons ».

oneplus hidden space

Finally, it would be necessary to add those apps that we want to hide from everyone’s eyes. From the box itself we can select the chosen ones, and to access the drawer, all you have to do is do the double slide to the left from the main drawer. It is a very useful function that will help us hide the most personal or delicate applications, pretending that they are not installed on the terminal. By the way, if you have a OnePlus and you don’t want to change the Oxygen OS interface, You do not need to carry out this tutorial, since this brand uses the same system as POCO Launcher to hide applications.