How to activate the hidden features of Google Chrome and what are the best

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How to activate the hidden features of Google Chrome and what are the best

All versions of the browser from Google have hidden functions in the code that can be activated with a kind of switch. Are the so-called ‘flags‘, features still in development. Do you want to know how to activate them and what are the best? It is very simple, you explain it.

Google Chrome is an application that is updated with great frequency. It is based on Chromiumthe project web browser open source that Google maintains in constant evolution. And, given that the developers create new features continually, the browser will integrate these functions in the code to only activate those who wish to try them. And you can do it: just go to the so-called ‘flags’ and enable (or disable) the ones you want.

Activates the ‘flags’ from the address bar

Hidden features Google Chrome

The settings in development are easy to activate that you just have to search for them within the code of Google Chrome. But do not think that you will have to perform complicated steps, because the access is performed from the address bar and just type a specific URL. Yes, another singing is the activation function of a secret since there are so many that, literally, you can’t be boring.

The process to enter the ‘flags’ of Google Chrome it is simple: you only have to type the following in the address bar of the browser:


Once you accept, you will enter in the list of hidden options of the browser. You will see that there is an infinity of ‘flags’, all with the promise of enabling or disabling a particular function (you have available all of the column ‘Available’). To do this you have to click on the box of each and change the status to ‘Enabled’ (enabled); or put in ‘Disabled’ in the case that the function is already in operation. Agree with the blue button to ‘Relaunch’ (lower right), and Chrome will restart with what you’ve selected. And you can select the change of several ‘flags’ at the same time: choose your state and then click on ‘Relaunch’.

Hidden features Google Chrome Clicking ‘Relaunch’ restarts Google Chrome to activate the selected settings

The activation and deactivation of hidden functions is super-easy, but you must keep in mind that play with the ‘flags’ can cause your browser to become unstable. There is No problem, since the changes only affect Google Chrome, not to other applications on the phone. And if you stop funcionarte correctly enough for you to do the following steps:
* Re-enters in the section of ‘flags’ and select ‘Reset all to default’. So restore the state of all the hidden features.
* In the case of not be able to enter in the ‘flags’ of chrome, make sure that you’re signed in to Google Chrome so as not to lose any password, favorite, or other data.
* Go to the settings of your mobile and comes in ‘Applications’.
* Looking for the Chrome menu.
* Go to ‘Storage’ and press on ‘Clear storage’.
* Google Chrome will be restored to how it was from the factory. Once you sign in with your Google account it will retrieve the data that you had without follow activated the ‘flags’ that you chose.

The above is valid for you to discover all of the secret options in Google Chrome, also for restore the browser to its initial state if you’ve made it through enabling ‘flags’. Given the continuing development of Chrome, these ‘flags’ are changing day to day, so that it is difficult to recommend some: in the next version may go away. For this reason, our recommendation is that you dive into the available options menu and try that you attract: its name in English define its function. Always with care, especially if you use a lot the browser on the phone.

Some of the best hidden features of Google Chrome

Hidden features Google Chrome Write the name of the function: Chrome will offer the matches

As you have seen, the number of hidden functions, or ‘flags’ is huge. You can go one by one, but you make it easy choosing which we estimate as best. The way to activate them is simple: write your name in the search engine higher until you find the ‘flag’ specific. No need to write it out in full, with the first few letters is usually enough. All the options have been tested with the latest stable version of Google Chrome for Android.

  • Forced dark mode. With this function you can force the dark mode on all the web pages. Search ‘Force dark Mode for web contents‘in the ‘flags’ of Chrome. Yes, not all websites look fine this way.
  • Smoother shift. There is a feature hidden in Chrome that activates the smooth scrolling of the screen, the so-called ‘scroll’. Search ‘Smooth scrolling‘in the hidden features of the browser and turn it on.
  • Accelerates the playback of video. You can improve the playback by forcing the use of the hardware to do this. Search for the function ‘Hardware-accelerated video decode‘.
  • Chrome menu on the lower part of the screen. The function ‘Duet‘I am not come officially to the browser, but you can enable it if you want: the menu of Chrome goes into the lower part. Look for it with ‘Chrome Duet‘.
  • Menu share improved. Look for the option ‘Chrome Sharing Hub‘and check: you’ll need the menu to share that Google anda finalized in Chrome.
  • Favorites to order customizable. Do you want to sort the bookmarks from Chrome to your liking? With the hidden option ‘Reorder Bookmarks‘you can drag them from the settings of markers .
  • Isolation of web sites. Google Chrome on Android go testing the insulation of tabs for the rest of the pages not be able to intercept information. When you activate ‘Strict site isolation‘each tab will be loaded with a proprietary process. This will increase the memory used by Chrome, also it will consume more battery power. In addition, if you activated the insulation, you must remove it with the other ‘flag’: ‘Disable site isolation‘.
  • Preview pages without connection. This option is useful if your Internet connection does not work as is due: Chrome will load the saved version of the page if you have it available. Search ‘Offline page previews‘.
  • Share saved pages. This function allows you to save pages and share them to the full. Search ‘Enables live page sharing of offline pages‘.
  • Playback in floating window. Chrome on Android can make use of the function ‘PIP’ on the web, the floating window that enables you to continue video playback. You can enable it with ‘Picture-in-Picture web API for Android‘.
  • Activate the NFC on the phone. You can activate the NFC in experimental mode with the option hidden ‘WebNFC‘.
  • Parallel downloads. If you use Google Chrome to download multiple files at once, you can enable parallel downloads to speed up the descent. Locate the function ‘Parallel downloading‘.
  • Tabs in groups. If you are used to use a lot of tabs, Chrome has several ‘flags’ that will make your life easier. Search for all the hidden options of ‘Tab grid layout‘, ‘Tab groups‘, ‘Tab groups continuation‘and ‘Tab groups UI improvements‘.

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How to activate the hidden features of Google Chrome and what are the best

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How to activate the hidden features of Google Chrome and what are the best 2