How to activate the function of the app of Google to put animals in 3D

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Table of Contents

Thanks to the artificial intelligence of the search engine, you can play a long list of animals in the living room of the house, a room or any place in the outside. The app decorates the picture with a realism that is amazing. Yes, the enjoyment of the augmented reality is not within the reach of all terminals, depending on whether you possess the technology ARCore.

What is the ARCore?

It is a technology of augmented reality, which is that allows you to recreate these animals in the camera interface, although as we mentioned a few lines above, is not compatible with all Android devices. The reason is that this service requires several requirements to operate correctly and to perform an accurate reading of the environment. To do this, you need a smartphone that has sensors such as the gyroscope and accelerometer, in addition to, most importantly, that has Andorid 7.0 as a minimum.

To check the compatibility of your smartphone, we can review it in the official website of Google with the entire list. If we fulfill these requirements, there will be no problem, although it may not be installed by default, despite being a Google service, so you will have to download it in the store. In contrast, if we do not have any of the conditions, but he does have a good hardware, we can try to install these services externally, through a APK. For you to prove that it is not, the worst that can happen is that it does not work correctlythere is not any type of risk to our smartphone.

Services Google Play RA
Services Google Play RA

In the event that you fulfill the requirements, but not the option appears on screen, the solution is really simple. First, we check if we have all the apps updated, that is to say, both Google, Google Chrome as well as Google Services. In the same way, we check if the browser has the camera permissions enabled, and delete data from the cache if necessary. Finally, reboot the device to determine the changes.

How to turn animals in 3D

Once we have everything ready, just need to test the augmented reality. In the first place, we turn to the application of Google -or Google Chrome-, and write in the finder of the animal that we want. As an example, we have chosen the penguin, which perfectly could have been seen in some area of Spain these past few days. When you search for it, appears to us as the first result an explanation of the animal, a picture and a little further down, an option called “See in 3D”.put penguin 3d google

If you click there, we would have to accept the permissions of storage, and then clicking on “View your space”. Automatically, we take you to the interface of the camera, with the environment that we are focusing in this moment and with the penguin this. In addition, it is an element which we can change its size in the image, so that it looks good in a picture of the most peculiar.