How to activate the dark mode of Google Maps in full

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Google Maps dark header

Dark mode finally makes its entry into Google Maps, also for users in Spain. For months this function was being seen in the popular Android application and a couple of weeks ago Google itself announced the beginning of its deployment officially. Users in the application already have this possibility.

Dark mode is rolling out currently among Google Maps users on Android, so it may not come out yet, but in a few hours you will finally have access to this feature. Thanks to this dark theme, the entire interface of the app is transformed.

This is how the dark mode of Google Maps is activated

How to activate the dark mode of Google Maps in full 1

Google Maps dark mode now applies to the entire interface in the popular application, both in the maps, the menus in the app and in the navigation mode. In addition, three options are given, being able to always have the dark theme active in the application, or make it adjust to the theme that we have in the system at that moment, so that it changes between light and dark theme in the same way that we have in our mobile. The steps to activate this mode are:

  1. Open Google Maps on your phone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Click on the Theme section.
  5. Select the desired option: Always show light theme, Always show dark theme, or Same as device theme.
  6. Click Save to apply.

Google Maps dark mode

As you can see, the entire interface in the application acquires this dark theme. The icons that show us places, such as shops, service stations, places of interest, acquire different colors such as red, green or yellow, so that it is easy to see them in this darker interface in the navigation app. The buttons turn blue, which also helps to be able to locate them comfortably.

This dark mode is unfolding already among Google Maps for Android users. Maybe if you open the app now you already have this option, but if you don’t have it, chances are that over the next few hours you will be able to enjoy it in your account.

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