How to activate the control gestures on the keyboard of your Samsung mobile

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 00001

Samsung mobiles in Spain stand out for its many customization options. This is possible thanks to applications such as Good Lock with its various modules, but also in other applications on Galaxy phones we have options to customize their use. This is the case with the brand’s keyboard, which comes standard on its phones.

In the Samsung keyboard we find, for example, gestures with which to control its use in the best possible way. There are two gestures, to do and undo, which can allow a very comfortable use of the keyboard. We show you how to activate these gestures on your Galaxy mobile.

Activate control gestures on the Samsung keyboard

Samsung keyboard gestures

It is common that when we are using the Samsung keyboard, we make a mistake, such as deleting a word or a text by mistake when we have selected everything. If this happens, on other keyboards we cannot undo this error that we have committed, but the keyboard that comes standard on Galaxy phones has two gestures, one to undo and another to do or redo what we have done.

This is a function that is present in those mobiles that have One UI 2.1 or higherTherefore, those more recent models, which have Android 10 or Android 11, with some recent versions of the interface, such as One UI 3, will be able to activate these gestures on the keyboard. The steps for this are:

  1. Open an app on your mobile where you have to use the Samsung keyboard (messaging, notes …).
  2. Click on the gear icon.
  3. Go to the section Slide, touch and tactile feedback.
  4. Enter Keyboard Slide Controls.
  5. Select Cursor Control.

With these steps we have activated the possibility of use gestures to control the Samsung keyboard on our phone. Among those gestures we have to redo something or to undo in case of having made a mistake when using the keyboard on our mobile. They allow better use of the keyboard. The control gestures that you will be able to use are:

  • If you want to undo something you have done, you will only have to swipe from right to left on the keyboard with two fingers.
  • To redo something, you will have to slide from left to right on the keyboard with two fingers.

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