How to activate Sleep Mode on Google Clock

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Table of Contents

In this article we are going to explain what this function offers us in an app as simple as Google Clock, as well as how to activate it or how to use it in our day to day life.


What this new Google Clock feature is about

It is not an individual function, but is a group of tools that Google has grouped into the clock app, designed to improve our sleep habits in a simple way. The aim is to make Android users aware of the importance of good bedtime habits, avoiding having contact with the smartphone during sleeping hours.

google clock

If we choose a time to go to bed and another to wake up, we can see how long we are going to sleep. The alarm you program in the tab “Break” it will also be displayed in the “Alarm” tab. In other words, it will work like the usual alarm that we know so far, but with an addition that prevents interaction with the terminal.

How to activate Sleep Mode

Having already the updated app On our device, we can proceed to configure the Rest Mode according to our preferences or daily habits. Therefore, the first step will be to check if we have the latest version of the watch in addition to having a mobile with Android 6.0 (very accessible requirement), since otherwise we will never get this function that can be very useful in our day to day. The steps to follow are those.

  1. Open the Clock application and press “Start”.sleep mode google clock home
  2. Play Break.
  3. On the «Schedule» card, touch the time that appears under Bedtime.sleep mode google clock schedule
  4. Choose a bedtime and indicate which days you want to go to bed at that time.
  5. Select one of these options:
    • Reminder notification: create a reminder to go to sleep.
    • Rest mode: at bedtime, mute the phone and turn the screen to black and white. sleep mode google clock sleep
  6. Touch the hour below Alarm clock.
  7. Choose a time to wake up and indicate what days we want the alarm to sound.sleep mode google assistant clock
  8. Select one of these options:
    • Dawn alarm clock
    • Sound
    • Vibrate
    • Google Assistant routine

Once the alarm clock is set, the Google Clock application will start record activity What we will do on our mobile during the hours in which we are supposed to be already lying in bed. Is rest activity It will show us each day the time and the applications that we have been while we had to be sleeping. In addition, the app will notify us of bedtime when the ideal time for us approaches.