How to activate night mode on Google speakers

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For some time now we have gotten used to using the smart speakers in our house almost without thinking. The normal thing is to do it during the day, but sometimes we also do it at night, at which time it is appreciated that the volume or the lights are dimmed.

Devices with Alexa allow us to activate the whisper mode, which will respond in that way when we ask the question in a low voice.

This option, unfortunately, is not available on Google Home and Google Nest. To make up for this lack, Google has a Night Mode that allows us to modify the intensity of the sound and the lights.

How to activate night mode on Google speakers

How to activate night mode on Google speakers

To control the sound and the intensity of the lights of each speaker we have to configure it separately. We have to select the speaker in the Google Home application and follow these steps:

  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • In the Device Information section we select Night Mode.
  • Click on the button after the text Enable Night Mode.

Once that is done, we can configure the programming of hours between which the two parameters will be activated, the sound and the brightness.

Both are modified in individual bars at the bottom of the interface.

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