How to activate Microsoft’s dark mode

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Perhaps it comes with a certain time lag, but it is still appreciated that Microsoft inserts a new theme for its interface in its Office version for mobile phones, leaving the option to change the mythical target that we have since the creation of the Windows program.

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

What can be done in this dark mode

With a download size of about 90 MB and an installation size of about 400 MB we will have in the new application Microsoft Office integrated applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint along with Office Lens for document scanning and OneNote integration for note creation.

The strategy of uniting Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a single Android app follows the dynamics started in Windows with Office, which in addition to being available in the form of separate programs, includes an app called Office that centralizes documents and helps us choose what kind of document do we want to create regardless of whether it is through Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Another novelty is the introduction of the functions of Microsoft Office Lens, for now available separately and that adds to Office the ability to scan or photograph paper documents and convert them into spreadsheets or text documents.

That is not the thing, and it is that we can do a lot of other things with this app. In this way, we can share files with nearby mobiles, as well as transfer them from the device to the computer through a QR code or read a text from said code thanks to its reader, in addition to extracting the text or table from any image to convert it to Word format or Excel format.

Thus, it offers us the best free office suite that we can currently find on our Android devices. The most complete and full of functions. We can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, scan documents, sign a PDF or convert an image or document to PDF. All integrated with OneDrive or SharePoint to have a backup in the cloud.

Get the Microsoft Office dark theme before anyone else

After the launch of the beta version of Microsoft Office for Windows and Android at the end of 2019, being official at the beginning of 2020, we had always seen a white interface in the office suite.

And despite the fact that the dark mode had already reached the system, it was only possible to view it on some mobiles such as MIUI 11 and 12, leaving aside the rest of the Android devices. Fortunately, in the beta version of Microsoft Office for Android it is already possible activate dark mode of this peculiar office tool. The only thing you will have to do to activate the new function is to wait for updates from Microsoft within the system.

force dark mode microsoft office

However, there is a very easy way to do it and start getting the most out of it without having to wait months for the official build. If you want to know how to activate Office dark mode on Android step by step, join us on this tour.

First of all, update to Microsoft Office Beta and for this we just have to click on this link and click on Become a tester. Then we have to open the Play Store and update the application. With the new version installed, we only have to go to the Office settings. To do this, click on the profile icon and then on Setting. There we will see the new setting called Theme.

There it allows us to configure the light theme, the dark theme or the system default by default. For the changes to be applied, the application will have to be closed and opened. Microsoft Office currently does not apply the theme change on the fly or in real time as most other applications do.

As you will see, turn on Office dark mode on Android It is not a process that takes you long hours, you just have to take a few minutes of your time to start enjoying this function. Although this beta feature may present changes later.

The dark theme stains the entire Microsoft Office interface in black and dark gray, except for the document pages, which still show them in white, but this is something that two months ago the company announced that it would solve with a true dark theme.

If you don’t want beta, force this mode on your Android

Although in Android 10 we already saw this option, we will also have to activate it on our mobile once it has been updated. In order for us to see the applications in dark mode, it is necessary to access the developer functions from the Settings menu. If we have these functions activated, they will appear in the last position within Settings. If it does not appear, we have to activate them as follows:

  1. We go to Settings> About the Phone> Software Information, once here we look for where it indicates the compilation number and you we press 7 times in a row above until it shows us an alert in which it tells us that the developer functions have been activated.
  2. Now we have activated these functionsThis does not change any settings, we only have them available to enter to change any setting or behavior of our device.
    These functions are found in the Settings menu in the last position, so, if we have activated them correctly, we look again in Settings to see if the developer functions already appear.
  3. Now, we simply have to search for the function «Force Dark Mode»Within the developer options and activate it. This feature forces applications to use dark mode, even if they are not fully supported.

dark mode word

In most applications that do not have the Dark Mode function available, this setting will work for us, this tool allows us to navigate in dark mode through many applications that have no intention of applying this possibility. The result in the case of Microsoft Office is decent, although there are certain parts or elements that also adopt a dark tone, making it difficult to see. However, as seen in the images, it is a very successful dark mode and with which you can work perfectly.