How to activate Google Assistant on Android

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Google is phasing out its old speech recognition technology in favor of the Assistant, and the latest Android app to benefit from the transition is Chrome. The system that we are going to use to activate the new interface for Google Assistant searches in Chrome and thus not having to use the current design is, once again, the flags of Chrome. A tool that seems to have no end in providing utilities that are not yet implemented by default in the browser.

A facelift for Chrome

In order to activate the new interface, it will not be necessary to have some of the development versions, since the new function is available in the stable version of Chrome. Yes, we will have to have Chrome version 87 stable that you can get in Google Play Store. As such, you will not have to resort to beta or developer versions to access this functionality.

flags google chrome

It is undoubtedly a joy to be able to enjoy the assistant, since it offers better features than the traditional voice search that we have known all this time ago. The accuracy of the Google Assistant is also better. Can recognize multiple languages by default, so multilingual users no longer need to tediously change the default system language in device settings.

How to activate Google Assistant in Chrome

To activate the new voice search experience, copy and paste chrome: // flags / # omnibox-assistant-voice-search In Chrome’s search engine, activate the Omnibox assistant voice search and restart the browser. When you tap the microphone button in the address bar or the multifunction box on a new tab page, you’ll see a full-screen Assistant voice search panel instead of the little pop-up box from before.

activate google assistant in chrome

Functionally, voice search remains the same in both versions: Google gives you a spoken response and you can see the normal search results, but without having to use the keyboard. However, the new interface can also be activated on phones that they don’t have the new Google Assistant. You just won’t get the bright, signature Google colors at the bottom. Therefore, despite having Google Assistant activated, we could not see the animation with the colors at the base of the search box.