How to activate disappearing messages in Signal

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Signal has become one of the applications most popular in Spain at the beginning of the year. This messaging application stands out for its security and privacy, especially compared to rivals like WhatsApp. In addition, in these weeks new functions have been introduced in it, with which it seeks to conquer more users on Android.

Signal stands out for its privacy, also having many options to improve privacy in your chats. Among them we find the possibility of use self-destructing or disappearing messages, as we have in apps like Telegram. If you want, you can activate this in the application.

Activate disappearing messages in Signal

Signal messages self-destruct

The self-destructing messages are one of the most popular privacy features in this application, which you can activate in any of your chats. By having this function activated in your chats, once they are finished, these messages will be deleted. The application allows you to choose the time that has to pass for these messages to be deleted, being able to choose from a few seconds to about 12 hours, for example. The steps to activate this function are:

  1. Open Signal on your phone.
  2. Go to the chat where you want to activate these messages.
  3. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  4. Tap on Disappearing messages or enter Settings.
  5. Within the settings, enter Disappearance of messages.
  6. Select the time to pass.
  7. Click OK.

Once the time in question has been selected, the function will be activated in the application. This means that after the other person in that chat has seen the messages, when the time you have chosen passes, these messages will be deleted directly. Keep in mind that it will only happen when the other person has seen them, that it is confirmed that they have seen them, otherwise they will remain in the chat.

This is a good way to have more private conversations in Signal. Especially if you send something that you consider sensitive and you do not want to be visible for too long in the chats in the app. You can activate this function in any chat and if you want to change the time that passes until they are destroyed, you can change it with these steps.

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