How to activate and deactivate Ambient Mode in Android

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One of the features that until recently could only be found in Google’s Pixel phones is reaching the rest of Android terminals. We refer to Ambient Mode, which is gradually being deployed in all kinds of devices from almost all manufacturers that work with the green robot operating system. In this article we are going to dedicate ourselves to showing you how to activate and deactivate the Ambient Mode on your Android terminal, in addition to taking care of other tasks (such as, for example, refreshing your memory a bit if you do not know what we are talking about). Read on to know everything you need.

What is Ambient Mode?

A few years ago, the use of smart lock screens became fashionable in the Android world, which showed us notifications and relevant information even with the screen off. The advantages were obvious, but one of the disadvantages associated with this feature was undoubtedly the high battery consumption.

Well, Google set out in November 2019 to take this concept a step further in its Pixel phones, and implement it to work while the phone was charging. In this way, while the phone is connected to the electrical current it becomes a kind of smart display speaker which offers us a series of options that the system believes may interest us.

With the Ambient Mode active, information about the weather, the time and even upcoming events that we have on the agenda will appear on the screen. In addition to all this, the mobile can function as a digital photo frame, it can offer us information about future trips and it can even function as a remote control for multimedia playback.

How to activate Ambient Mode on Android

First of all, make sure that you have updated all the applications of your terminal. Once this is done, we open the Google application and click on the image of our account (in the upper right corner of the screen):

Main view of the Google appMain view of the Google app

There, we click on Settings:

Google account menuGoogle account menu

In this menu, click on Google Assistant:

Google account settings menuGoogle account settings menu

We make scroll down until you find the option Ambient mode, on which we will have to click:

Access to Google Assistant settingsAccess to Google Assistant settings

On this screen, we activate the options that we deem appropriate:

Activating the Ambient ModeActivating the Ambient Mode

Ready, we already have the Ambient Mode activated in our terminal. You must bear in mind that Ambient Mode will only be available on devices that have AMOLED technology on the screen, capable of turning on the necessary pixels on the screen and keeping the rest off, one of the keys to saving battery life.

How to disable Ambient Mode on Android

To deactivate the Ambient Mode, we would have to go through the same route that we have done to activate it again, but this time deactivating all the options so that it does not appear when we connect the phone to the electrical current:

Ambient Mode offAmbient Mode off

And with this it would be resolved. You see that the process is very easy to carry out and is not difficult, although it is true that if it is the first time you make contact with Ambient Mode it is not easy to find the exact option, especially if it is activated automatically. on your device, which happens in different models.