How to activate Alexa on the Amazfit Band 5 bracelet

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Amazfit is increasing its presence in Spain with products such as the Amazfit Band 5, a smart bracelet with a tight size and not very high price that has specifications such as oxygen saturation measurement.

But the most striking thing about this bracelet is that it has integration with Alexa so that we can perform searches or perform actions by voice.

The downside is that it is still only available in English, although the manufacturer has confirmed to us that very soon it will also be in spanish. Of course, in order to use Alexa we have to link our account first, something that is not usually explained how to do.

How to link our Amazon account on the Amazfit Band 5

How to activate Alexa on the Amazfit Band 5 bracelet 1

The sequence of steps that we must follow to link our Amazon Alexa profile with the bracelet is as follows:

  • We open the Zepp application.
  • Click on the Profile icon at the bottom of the interface.
  • We go to the Add Accounts option and select Amazon Alexa.
  • Click on the Allow button with a yellow background.
  • We put our Amazon username and password.
  • We already have the Alexa account linked to the Amazfit Band 5.

We have tested it in English and it works but it is true that not as fast as on a smart speaker and sometimes it gives us an error that the server could not respond.

Also, there are things that still cannot be done on this device, a limitation that we also see in watches that use Wear OS and implement the Google assistant.

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