How to access the Xiaomi secret menu to check if your mobile is working correctly

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Do you want to access the secret settings menu that Xiaomi includes in its Android phones? With the you will check if the screen works well, the wireless connections, if the vibration goes correctly and many other tests. We show you all the steps to enter the CIT menu.

Most mobiles usually hide certain settings menus to check if they work correctly. They are called ‘hardware test’ menus or component test, a hidden option that enables full device testing. The Xiaomi mobiles They include it, for example: it is the so-called CIT menu. It does not require too many steps to access it and offers a multitude of tools with which to put the phone to the test.

Check if each component of your Xiaomi works

Secret Menu Cit Xiaomi

The CIT menu is hidden in the system settings without risking accessing it or entering the menu options. MIUI offers a series of step-by-step checks that ensure the correct operation of the device. In general, it is a menu that is available on all Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco or Black Shark mobiles: if they have MIUI they have the CIT menu to perform the control tests. Yes indeed, not all checkout menus are the same, you must take it into account.

Accessing the hidden menu of ‘hardware test’ requires diving into the specifications of your Xiaomi mobile. The process to enter the CIT is as follows:

  • Go to the MIUI settings and look for the option of ‘My device’. It should be the first menu on the list.
  • Access ‘All specifications’.
  • Find ‘Kernel Version’ and press five times in a row: you will access the secret CIT menu.
Secret Menu Cit Xiaomi
  • The menu should offer you to check all the hardware included in your phone: click component by component and follow the instructions to make sure that it is working correctly. The texts are in English.
  • In the event that the menu is automatic, you will have a blue button with which to start the test. Your device will go step by step checking each component and it will ask you to interact with the screen if it needs your help. Instructions are in English.

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With the above you will know what works and what does not on your phone: if it is a ‘pass’ it means that the component is working well; if a ‘fail’ appears it implies that it has not behaved as it should in the tests, which would imply a malfunction (often you will have to mark one or the other depending on the result). It is worth passing the CIT test if you think something is wrong with your Xiaomi.

Access the CIT menu from an app

You have already seen that the menu is hidden, although it is not too difficult to find. Even so, there are ways to facilitate entry into the CIT, such as using the application Hidden settings for Xiaomi. In addition to offering access to the ‘Hardware test’, the app allows you to enter a multitude of settings that MIUI blocks by default. We recommend it.

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How to access the Xiaomi secret menu to check if your mobile is working correctly

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How to access the Xiaomi secret menu to check if your mobile is working correctly 1

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