How to access the router from Android to configure it

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In general, when new hires are made, the telephone companies provide the user with a router that allows him to access the Internet via Ethernet cable and through the Wi-Fi connection. However, it is also possible to purchase this device separately and configure it to work with any service provider. In any case, all routers have an internal administration panel that allows modifying certain parameters. Accessing it is very easy, even from your Android phone.

Enter the router from Android with the browser

All routers can be managed through a web interface. It is available at the IP address, which you must type in the navigation bar of your browser. Sometimes the address may be used. When you log in, you must enter the username and password.

Login to the routerLogin to the router

Typically, the credentials are available on a label on the router itself. If not, you can search the Internet for the default passwords, entering the make and model of the router. When you have logged in, you will have access to the status of the router.

Router informationRouter information

In our case, we have come across a basic configuration.

Basic settingsBasic settings

Also, there are some advanced options.

Advanced settingsAdvanced settings

And settings related to different protocols are also available.

Protocol settingsProtocol settings

Finally, in the section Tools, some management tasks for the device itself are shown.

Team managementTeam management

The appearance of this area varies depending on the manufacturer of your equipment. So before applying modifications, make sure you are not changing a key value. Remember that, in the event that your router stops working correctly, it is possible to restore it with the physical button Reset In most cases.

Access the router from Android with applications

There are several applications that promise to manage all types of routers, no matter what the manufacturer. However, what these applications do is open the address in an integrated browser, in addition to displaying certain information or providing some additional tool. But, being strict, they do not allow you to change the router settings by themselves.

Instead, many companies have released official applications for the routers they manufacture. Next, we show you a list with the application that you must download and install according to the brand and model of your router.

These are obviously just a few examples. Check the manufacturer of your router and then find its official application, if it exists. If you don’t have specific software, use the method mentioned above.