How to access the clipboard on Android

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The clipboard of Android, and, by extension, of any operating system, is one of the most basic tools and that most favor productivity. In this article, we are going to show you what exactly is this function and what can you expect from it. We also explain how to use it and with which applications you can get the most out of it. We started!

What is the clipboard

We can define the Android clipboard as a memory space where content is stored with the aim of recovering it later. It is also a place for exchange between applications, be it files, images or plain text.

The clipboard takes care of temporarily save everything we copy. So when we indicate that we want to paste the text or image elsewhere, it is retrieved thanks to it. Typically, you are only able to save one item. Therefore, when you copy new content, the old one disappears and is replaced by the newer one.

But, we must not get confused. We are not talking in any case about an application. Rather, we refer to a tool integrated into the system, invisible to the user. So to use the clipboard no need to install any software. You just have to do what we explain below.

How to use the clipboard

The clipboard on Android is very easy to use. All you have to do is select the text you want to copy. Immediately, a context menu will appear with various options.

Open clipboard optionsOpen clipboard options

In it, you can choose between Cut Y Copy. The first option deletes the text from its current location and transfers it to the clipboard. The second, it simply copies the text to the clipboard and keeps it in its original place.

Clipboard OptionsClipboard Options

To paste the text, long press on the destination and tap on Paste.

Paste text into an empty fieldPaste text into an empty field

Immediately, the copied text will appear on the screen. You can do the same with images and other files. However, you can only paste that type of content in compatible applications. Remember that if you have connected a keyboard to your device, it is possible to use the following shortcuts:

  • Control + C to copy.
  • Control + X to cut.
  • Control + V to paste.

Get the most out of your clipboard with apps

Although the clipboard is a simple tool built into the operating system, there are some applications that will help you get more out of it. Next, we show them to you.


Gboard is the official keyboard of Google. How does it help you with the clipboard? Thanks to its history of copied items. After installing your application and selecting it as the default keyboard, click on the clipboard icon.

Gboard optionsGboard options

So, activate the clipboard history feature.

Activate clipboard historyActivate clipboard history

From now on, if you want to view the history of copied items, tap on the corresponding icon. When you click on each entry, it will automatically be pasted into the active text field.

Native Clipboard Manager

Native Clipboard Manager follows a similar line to GBoard. After its installation, it will display a history of the copied items by double-clicking on the text field.

Native Clipboard Manager Android OptionsNative Clipboard Manager Android Options

It also allows the manual entry of elements, without the need to copy them. You can use this feature to keep specific text visible.

Clipboard Actions & Manager

Finally, we talk about Clipboard Actions & Manager. This application adds a series of tools that will help you interact with the text that you have copied to the clipboard. They are available in the notification curtain.

Clipboard Actions & Manager OptionsClipboard Actions & Manager Options

After copying a fragment, this tool allows you to search the term on the Internet, on maps, create a QR code, translate it or listen to it read aloud. Also, keep a history of what you have copied. To view it, you just have to open its application.

The best clipboard apps for Android

Here we have offered you some ideal solutions to enhance this useful function, but they are not the only ones. If you are really interested in the topic take a look at the best clipboard apps for Android, a list that brings together all kinds of tools dedicated to taking advantage of something so basic and necessary. Copying and pasting will never be the same again, and your productivity will appreciate it immediately.