How the video editor works from Android

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If it lacked few tools, Google includes one of the great absences that clears the use of many video editors at a stroke. The inclusion of this function means that we do not even have to leave the app to do anything related to editing, although it has been requested due to its gradual arrival on Android terminals. We are going to show how it works, the options available and some exclusive functions that are intended for payment accounts.

Google Photos
Google Photos

What tools does Google Photos offer for videos, in detail

Let’s start by explaining to you the options that Google has added to the video editor from your photo app.

  • Trim the video: You will be able to manually crop the plane, as well as be able to make automatic cuts in certain proportions such as 4: 3, 16: 9 or square.
  • Perspective correction: An option that is useful in photos, and in videos too. You can rotate the video image slightly to correct its perspective or make everything straight.
  • Full image adjustment: You will be able to completely edit the image of the videos, being able to customize the brightness, contrast, white point, highlights, shadows, the black point adjustment, saturation or warmth. This option allows you to change how the video looks completely, and also allows you to vary the general tone of the video and the skin tone of people, being able to even adjust the blue tone (ideal for the skies) and apply vignette to the picture.

options editor videos google photos

  • Video filters: And if you don’t want to fiddle around by hand, now you can apply different predefined filters for videos. As in social networks, you can apply different preset tones that go from vivid colors to monochrome.
  • Drawing on the videos: Another option that is usually seen in social networks, the possibility of being able to draw on the video to be able to superimpose some type of annotation.

How to use the editor and all its options

Until now, editing in video content only supported trimming, stabilizing, rotating and exporting a specific frame of the footage. Very basic tools that in most cases are too scarce, since it is not possible to apply effects and fundamental changes in a video. With this new advanced editor for Google Photos, you gain almost the same power and features as image editing. That is, it is possible to modify a multitude of visual parameters to achieve a personalized video in detail.

The first thing you have to do is make sure you have the Google Photos app up to date to its latest version. This is especially important on Android, where it is now when this editor is starting to be deployed. But even updated, the feature may not be released on your device yet.

access editor videos google photos

Simply, to use this new advanced video editor, we just have to open a clip from Google Photos and click on the button “Edit”Once this is done, we will be able to access the new editing interface. Among all the functions that the editor has, we have different filters to apply to the entire video, image parameter adjustments (exposure, contrast, saturation …), the more than expected video trimming, added to the current trimming of footage; change of perspective and many more options. In this section we will also find two additional buttons that will allow us rotate video and change perspective and a button labeled “Reset” to undo all the changes we have made.

With all this cast, Google Photos manages to be a great tool for video editing. And without the need for advanced knowledge since the interface is extremely simple. To obtain this entire catalog of options, it is as simple as having the app updated through Google Play, since the changes are included automatically. To edit any video, use the same procedure as the images, by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon, where the editor opens with all the options already commented.

Exclusive features of the video editor in Google Photos

Google Photos has entered the dynamic of activating subscriptions to offer premium services and options. To the unlimited paid space, other benefits related to the edition are added. The latest change included in Google Photos brings the advanced options of the Pixel to other mobiles that have the app installed, although only if they are Google subscribers One (starting from 1.99 euros per month).

However, blur and portrait lighting will still be available. free of charge for Google Pixel owners. Google One members will also have access to other new effects based on machine learning. They also add improved editions of Sky, sunset images can be made to stand out by increasing and adjusting the color and contrast with one of several sunrise and sunset inspired palettes.

With these extra options, subscribers have blur adjustment for portraits and lighting control, also for portraits. The rest of the settings that Google Photos already included as standard for all mobiles are maintained.