How the map maker works in Brawl Stars

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Table of Contents

Without a doubt, it is a revolutionary tool that will give many hours of entertainment to the MOBA game. We already knew some of the details of this new functionality, which will be totally free for everyone and without advantages to those who want to pay more gems to skip steps. Let’s see how we can access the map maker and how it works.

Brawl stars

How the map maker works in Brawl Stars

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that it is a program in full process. Nowhere near the map maker is completely finished, even if it is accessible to everyone. It will grow little by little, with the idea of ​​not allocating important resources from Brawl Stars that we also want in the form of new brawlers or game modes.

Speaking of game modes, another important aspect to mention about the map maker is that it is not available for any game mode. This way, we’ll only have it for Atrapagemas, Showdown (Survival only) and Brawl Ball. There is also a limit on the number of maps created, up to 5 being the maximum number of maps allowed. By the way, the maps that we can edit and customize are Mine, Cemetery, Forest, Stadium and Beach.

access map maker in brawl stars

To access this mode, we just have to go to the three horizontal bars, where the section of ‘Map maker’ further down the menu. To access, it will be necessary to have 1000 trophies to redeem them and unlock this mode. The button to create a new map will appear, where we can choose the game mode and its name. The maps cannot be shared, but they allow you to play on them against bots or friends through an invitation code.

As soon as the editor is displayed, what we see is an arena with enough space to create a map to our liking. At the top we have a button with various position modes to place the elements, while at the bottom we have all items available to create the map. On the right side, there is the button to save our new work in Brawl Stars.

What can we do in the map maker

There are some limitations or rules that the map maker holds for proper operation. First of all, they do not have to be symmetrical maps to give greater freedom of creation. As we have said before, it has a mirror mode tool, both horizontal, vertical, or both, to create symmetric maps automatically.

brawl stars map maker

Keep in mind that you cannot put decoration right next to the spawn of gems, in addition to the fact that the spawn of gems. On the other hand, it is not possible to completely block the goals nor to create completely enclosed areas by walls. In order not to create long narrow corridors, the minimum distance between obstacles is two spaces and the bushes will have different colors depending on the environment.