How much does the iPhone 12 Pro cost Apple?

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Nikkei News has analyzed the cost of all the internal and external components of the new cell phone with the apple. The final price for the company would be around $ 406, just over 340 euros.

$ 406, little more 340 euros at the current exchange rate. According to Nikkei News, this would be the real cost of each iPhone 12 Pro for Apple: the figure is the result of a study carried out in cooperation with the agency Fomalhaut Techno Solutions on the prices of the internal and external components of Cupertino smartphones.

Apple: “iPhone 12 Pro, how much does it cost me?”

So let’s see more specifically how much each component of the new one would cost. iPhone 12 Pro. The “valuable” piece would be the screen, supplied by the Koreans. LG AND Samsung, that Apple would pay around $ 90, or just under 25% of the total cost of each iPhone by the Cupertino giant.

Perhaps a bit surprising is the cost of the photographic sector, since the sensors provided by the Japanese Sony they would cost between $ 5.40 and $ 7.40. On the other hand, 13.6% of the price, just over $ 50, would correspond to components for the protection of circuits and capacitors. More than $ 80, on the other hand, is spent on the purchase of the 5G modem, produced by American Qualcomm. On the other hand, it takes a little over $ 18 to buy Chinese factory components. Analyzing the individual components necessary for the production of Iphone 12 Pro, its origin is divided as follows:

  • South Korea 26.8%
  • United States 21.9%
  • Europe 21.9%
  • Japan 13.6%
  • Taiwan 11.1%
  • China 4.6%

The final price of the iPhone 12

Making an approximate sum, but not too much, the sum of the different components, coming from America, Europe and Asia, is around 406 dollars, that is, 340 euros. The cost of an iPhone 12 Pro for the public can reach 1189 euros: the increase, of course, is there, it could not be otherwise; It’s certainly no mystery that Apple is an expensive store. However, all the work done by the team of engineers and researchers must also add to the price of the components, as well as that required for design and promotion. Therefore, there are additional costs, although it is undeniable that the margin of income is still very high.

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