How is the weather? So you can check the forecast on Google

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How is the weather? So you can check the forecast on Google 1

Google works hard to offer us all the information we need and, also, in the fastest way. There are different ways to check the news, sports results and also the weather information, from the search engine itself to Google Assistant or the mobile application.

Google has had the most used search engine in the world for years. We can ask about everything, it will show us websites with the information we are looking for, it will open small applications that will help us solve our doubts, such as an updated currency converter or a calculator. With the weather information The same thing happens, we can access the meteorological information easily, consulting different parameters as well as the forecast for the following days from practically any corner of the world.

Check it on

The most direct and simple option to view weather information on Google is using your search engine. We’re going to Google is and we enter the search “the time in” followed by the municipality or province you want.

Before you press Intro to see the search results look at the google suggestions because it will be marking you an icon with information about the day, if it is sunny, cloudy, rainy and the temperature in centigrade. As long as it is not too wide a territory we will see that basic information, we can indicate territories as Suances (village), Flagstaff (small city), Madrid (big city) or Vizcaya (Province).

google weather suggestions

Once we have written the query and pressed Enter The organic results of the different meteorological portals for the town or city searched will appear, but in the upper part we will see a full graph with temperatures of the day we meet and the next 7 days. We will also see the forecast of cloudiness and precipitation along with the maximum and minimum temperatures that are expected every day.

Other additional information that is reflected in this section are rainfall, humidity and wind speed on day. In the graph itself we can alternate so that we are shown the expected rainfall with the probability of rain for each day as well as the gusts of wind with the direction and speeds.

At the bottom is indicated the database from which all this information has been obtained, in this case

the weather on

Google app

Google has its own search engine application, it is available for Android and iOS. This application does the functions of seeker but it also shows us the latest news according to our tastes and interests, which we can set in the section Interests from the menu Settings of our profile (by clicking on the profile photo in the upper right corner). In the lower menu you can save products or websites in Collections or manage the tabs of our searches and News in the icon in the lower right corner.

For the weather information We have an icon in the upper left corner that shows us the day we have and the temperature at our location. If we click on it we will access the complete meteorological information for our location.

We will see a graphic similar to the one shown by where we will see the forecast for the same day and the following 9 days. Pressing on any of the following days will update the temperature, the probability of rain, the humidity and the wind. In addition, if we slide our finger on the timeline we can see the exact forecast for those hours of the day in particular.

google ios application

Developer: Google LLC

Developer: Google LLC

With the widget

If we use a smartphone with an operating system Android we will can add google widget for search and we will have the basic weather information at the bottom of the search field. This information refers to the location that we have at all times and will be updated based on our geolocation. If we click on the icon of the temperature A new window will open with the forecast for that day and the next.

google android widget

On ios We can also add the Google search widget, regardless of the widget model we choose, large or small, when we click on the search field the Google application will open to perform the meteorological search as indicated above. From here, the process to see the forecast for the next few days or in other different places would be the same as that we have explained above for the Google application on iOS.

google widget on ios

The database is the same in all cases, the information displayed belongs to the portal If we click on its link, it will take us to the portal page It contains all the forecast for the next days of our municipality or the one that we have indicated in the search.

Using the voice assistant

Perhaps the most comfortable way to carry out a search of this type is using the Google assistant, either with your computer, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV or a smart speaker synchronized with Google Home.


In order for Google Assistant to display the weather information properly, we must first configure a couple of skins on our Google profile.

On the one hand we will update our location, home address. The process is the same regardless of whether you have the Android or iOS app. We will enter the application Google Home and we will make sure that the name of our house appears at the top. We can also go to Settings (the gear icon), click House information and select Home address. We enter our address and click on Keep to confirm.

Another adjustment to make is set the temperature unit we want to see: Celsius or Fahrenheit. To do this, we will go to the Settings menu and enter the Assistant Settings, choose The Weather and indicate the preferred temperature unit.

choose temperature google

How to request information

Once we have the weather information well configured we can ask for information with various voice commands (When a specific location is not specified, the weather information will be displayed at the location selected as the home address):

  • How is the weather?
  • What is the weather going to be tomorrow?
  • What will the weather be on the XXX day?
  • What time will it be between day XXX and day YYY?
  • What will the weather be like on the weekend?
  • What is the weather going to be next week?
  • Is it going to rain the day after tomorrow?
  • It is sunny today?
  • Will I need to bring an umbrella the day after tomorrow?
  • What will the weather be like in Donostia this weekend?
  • What’s the weather like in El Ejido?
  • What will the weather be tomorrow in Malaga?
  • What is the temperature today in degrees Fahrenheit?

Activate daily notifications

If you like to know the weather forecast for each day, you can set up Google alerts to receive a notification on the days you want and at the time you want. In addition, you can activate these alerts very easily with the Google assistant.

For subscribe to a daily alert you have to say the voice command similar to Send me the weather forecast every day. You will have to activate the assistant by holding down the start button on your Android smartphone or by pressing on the multicolored microphone icon from the Google app on iOS. The assistant will need confirmation of the subscription, we touch on Yes and it will be activated. When we start the command we can choose the exact time we want to receive the notification, we will say Send me the weather forecast every day at 8 in the morning.

If you want deactivate or modify this subscription we will have to invoke the assistant with OK Google and ask Show me my subscriptions. We will tap on the triggered alert to display the weather information and change the time or unsubscribe.

modify weather subscriptions in google

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