How do I delete all my photos?

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Basically, Apple did not think of integrating into its iOS mobile operating system an option to delete all photos from an iPhone.

Fortunately, there are several techniques to offer a second virginity to the Camera Roll of your Apple smartphone, thus freeing up precious MB or even GB on your device.

Go through iTunes, direct and radical

The most accessible solution, although far from being the one we advise you if you have hundreds or even thousands of photos to delete, is to delete your photos directly from your iPhone’s camera roll. The procedure here couldn’t be simpler, and all you’ll have to do is go to the Photos app on iOS, then tap “All Photos” in your Albums list, then select “Choose” at the top right of the screen. which will allow you to select one by one the images you want to permanently delete.

How to delete all photos from my iPhone or iPad?

As mentioned earlier in a few lines, this method is suitable if you only have a few photos to erase. Otherwise, for larger volumes, we can advise you to connect your iPhone to your computer and use the iTunes alternative, a bit more restrictive in terms of hardware, but coincidentally faster.

Apple’s flagship software, once it has recognized your USB connected smartphone, will list all of your photos, under the “iPhone” tab, then under “Photos”. From there, the procedure is simple: just click the “Synchronize Photos” button, then validate by clicking “Synchronize or Apply”. The process will have the direct effect of cleaning the photos stored on your iPhone and making them disappear. Extremely efficient, it is still necessary to have access to a computer, with iTunes and a USB cable.

AnyTrans practical solution

In the event that none of these solutions can convince you, then all you have to do is go through a third-party application, such as iPhone Data Cleaner, published by Apowersoft, or AnyTrans, presented neither more nor less than as the “best administrator. of files on your iPhone and iPad ”and that will take care of cleaning your mobile. The only downside: if the software is offered in a free trial version, it will ultimately ask you to make the payment and pay the sum of 39.99 euros to enjoy its full version. There are several third-party solutions of this type, some more complete than others, faster and more or less expensive, of course.

Empty iPhone Photos with AnyTrans from Mac or Windows

However, the advantage of this solution is obvious: it will allow you to manage the images stored on your iPhone directly from its interface, through Windows or OS X. From there, you can delete your photos in a burst: delete a composite photo library For several hundred items it will only take a few seconds at most, and that’s not to mention the fact that you can save your photos to your computer first, transferring them in two clicks. Devilishly practical for those who take dozens of photos every day and archive them as they should, to edit, publish or otherwise.

To do this, once the app starts, you’ll need to click on the Photos icon, then go to the Photo Library, which will display your collection of photos, which you can trash in the process. Simple and effective. If only one solution had to be maintained among all those mentioned here, it would be the one provided by AnyTrans that would win the membership, despite its price. But this is the guarantee of benefiting from a complete solution capable of doing exactly what is asked of it, without making mistakes.

Managing your storage is a task that comes up very often with our modern smartphones, despite the ever-increasing number they offer. The photos are heavier, the videos too. In addition to the many applications that you may have installed, we quickly reach saturation. And that’s a shame.

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