How do I change or reset my iCloud password?

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Do you want to change your iCloud password or reset it after forgetting it? The following file shows you how to do this.

How to change lost iCloud password associated with Apple ID

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage platform. This centralizes a large amount of your personal data, provided you have given Apple this task, of course.

It is also the best way to sync all your data across your different devices, even within a family, be it Apple devices or a Hackintosh.

Unfortunately, if you forget the password, you lose access to the functionality, your settings, and the data, in fact. Also, in case of theft of an iPhone for example, it will be necessary to change the password. So here’s how to reset or change iCloud password.

On an iPhone or iPad

Changing passwords on iPhone or iPad is very easy, especially if your device has the operating system iOS 10.3 or later. Go directly to the Settings menu, then enter the settings associated with your account. Then enter the Password and security menu.

Next, two options will appear on your screen: “Change password” and “Modify security questions”. Choose the first option. Then enter your current password and enter the new code that you would like to use. You will need to confirm the new password. Finally, confirm the change by tapping “Change password”.

Of course, you can also change the security questions along with the password.

On a mac

Password change is also done online. Login to the Apple ID page first. Go to the Security section, then click the Change Password tab. You just have to enter the password to replace, then enter the new code and confirm it.

After validating the change, log into your iCloud account with your new username and password. Next, make sure the password is up to date on whatever device you use to access your data on iCloud.

How to find a forgotten Apple iCloud password?

Reset password with Apple ID

To reset your iCloud password with your Apple ID, go directly to iCloud. Enter your username, then the last password you remember. If the code is not accepted, the option “Forgotten password” will be displayed on the login page.

Click on it and re-enter your Apple ID on the recovery page. Then enter the Captcha code that appears next to the identifier and press Continue.

Apple services will ask you if you want to reset your password or change your security questions. Choose the “Reset Password” option. The reset can be done by email or by answering your previous security questions.

If you are not sure of the answers to these questions, click “Receive an email.” Apple will send you a reset link in your inbox, the one associated with your iCloud account.

Then check your mailbox and click on the reset link. You just have to enter your new password twice and confirm the reset.

How to change an Apple ID with security questions

If you remember the answers to your security questions, choose this option instead of resetting your email. You just need to answer these questions and then if your answers are correct, enter a new password for your iCloud account. the platform dedicated to password problems

If you have a problem with your Apple password, whatever it is, go to the platform. From there, once you have entered your Apple ID and the phone number associated with your account, Apple will offer you various operations to manage your account, reset your password and many other actions that can be very practical to recover your account. .

It really is a reflex to have the slightest problem accessing your account. Feel free to bookmark the site. A must see for all Apple hardware users.