How can I check my driving license points online?

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check online points of dgt driving license

One of the procedures you can do from your own home And it is easy to check the points of your card to know if you have 8, 12, have reached 15 or if you have lost any. You can also request an appointment online to access the offices of the General Directorate of Traffic for any related or unrelated issue. The management is very simple and you will get the result immediately and for free, so we will tell you how to do it.

How to access

You can check the points of your card from the same page of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in this link through Cl @ ve, digital certificate or username and password. If you have digital certificate This procedure is very simple, since you only have to give the Cl @ ve system and the different forms of access you have will appear, which will be by electronic certificate, DNIe or Cl @ ve accesses. Once you have identified yourself, you will have the information at the moment.

You will be able to see your data, points and history. In addition, if your card has been withdrawn, a notice will appear. On this same page you can print the information in case they request it in an insurance company, procedure or whatever you need.

dgt points

If you want to access without certificate, you will have to do it with DNI and password. If you have forgotten or want to register, you will find the corresponding option on the page. Enter your NIF or NIE, an access code and complete the captcha.

dgt username and password access

To continue requesting the key, it will ask you to identify yourself including also the date of issue of your license or permit. If you get the error message “C15: The user is not registered as a driver in the system” at any time, do not worry, it is most likely that you have not entered the data correctly.

dgt access key

Write your date of issue, not renewals or the like. Finally, your data will appear without the possibility of changing them and an email where they will send you the access code. Once all these steps are done, it will indicate that you have registered correctly and an email will be sent to you to complete the registration (check the spam folder if you do not see it).

email password

Go to your email, confirm the link, and use password to access the service from the top page. The first time you enter they will ask you to change the password, and once you have done so indicating your ID, date of issuance of the card, current password and new password twice, your current balance of points will appear.

Who can do it

If it is consulted on the Internet, it must be done by the interested person. In this case, you. By other means, any person authorized on your behalf may do so by going to the DGT headquarters, for this you can request an appointment online or by phone. For authorize another person To act on your behalf, you can do so through the DGT proxy registry. Whoever has a document signed by you can go that authorizes them to make such a request and expresses its free nature. For this, there are DGT authorization models that you can download online. If you are going to consult someone’s points, ask the other person for authorization.

If he will someone else in your name and you ask for a telephone appointment, you must indicate the ID of the person concerned and that of the authorized person at the same time. To make the request yourself, you can make an appointment by phone, online or make the request online by following the simple steps indicated above.

From the app

The first thing you have to do is download the app in the store of your mobile device. You can also do it from this link if it is Android or from this if it is an iOS device. Once you have installed it, you can start using it by accessing it from any of the ways that the application allows you, with which you can also take the card on your mobile.

To be able to access from the app you must do it from the system Cl @ ve, through DNIe 3.0 or with your personal data. In the case of DNIe 3.0, you will need an adapter to be able to do it. If you agree with your personal information, you will have limited access to certain functionalities. Therefore, when you do, it will ask you if you want to know Clave or continue with your personal data. If you click to continue, it will ask for your ID, type of permit, date of birth, date of issue of the selected permit and vehicle registration number and you will obtain a PIN. You will have to have registered your phone to enter.

dgt app

At Cl @ ve systemTo use 24H PIN or Permanent Cl @ ve, you will have to have previously registered. If you want to do it for electronic certificate you will have to have installed it before on your mobile. Remember that you can export it from the browser or request it for your mobile. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access check the points and other cool features. From there, you can request a vehicle report, pay your fines, identify the driver who was driving your vehicle, notify the regular driver of your vehicle, buy the rates you need or change your address, access news and much more. In addition, they will tell you when your card or ITV is going to expire.

Make an appointment

If you need a points certificate, want to consult in person or need to go to the DGT for any issue related or not to these, you can go to any Headquarters or Traffic Office. Although it is easier for you to get to know them online, this may fail you or you may need to make another query. Therefore, we tell you how you can request your appointment online, although you can also do it via telephone at 060.

How to order it

If you have decided ask for your appointment previous online, you must access this link in which you will have to indicate the office you want to go to and the type of procedure you want to carry out (office, renewal only EU / EE indicating the country and license exchanges). Indicate that you are not a robot to continue. You can only request one appointment, so if you want to request another, you will have to cancel the previous one, and you can only access the offices by appointment. You have to indicate to the area (drivers or penalties) and continue.

make an appointment dgt

Once you have done it, remember to check the office you want to go to, they will ask you your data, of your representative if a person is going to attend in your place and other information (contact telephone, file and registration or last 6 digits of the frame).

data prior appointment online dgt

Once you have entered your information (you only need the contact details), several days will appear with their available hours. Choose a day and time, you give it to continue, the data you owe will appear confirm, you indicate that you are not a robot and then confirm. Down on the page you can change data, date and time or cancel.

confirm appointment dgt

When you have confirmed the appointment, a confirmation page will appear. You can also request a reminder (it will be downloaded in PDF).

Consult or cancel appointment

If you have made an appointment at the DGT, but you cannot go, you want cancel it To request another or the time is not good for you, you can do it easily from the same headquarters in this page, in which you can not only cancel it, but you can check it in case you have forgotten or do not remember if the time is good for you. It is good that you have asked for a reminder to know the day if you do not remember, since they will request it.

Indicates the office, date, NIF or NIE of the interested party and of the representative, if any. Confirm that you are not a robot and search.

cancel appointment dgt

A page will appear with the appointment details (the same as when you requested it). You can press just below choose appointment and get a reminder, view it or cancel the appointment. You just have to give to Cancel date and it will appear canceled. Will ask you confirm it for added security. Give to continue. It is already canceled. The DGT will send you a cancellation email, and also if you want to check it with the indicated date it will indicate that there is no result for the selected search criteria.

See where there are points recovery courses

If you need recover points, you can see online the centers in which this training is taught near you. You just have to go to this link. You have to indicate the province, town, type of course (recovery of points type A or recovery of permit and license type B), in addition to the start date (and if necessary deadline). You give him a search. If you get an error, don’t worry, it sometimes happens, try again after a minute.

You will see different results with the driving school, location data, telephone, email and see courses. You just have to find the closest to you or the one that suits you best according to your needs and contact her or go to her offices to learn more about the courses. On the web it will appear when start and end the course, as well as the schedule in which it will be taught.

see points recovery centers online

Remember that you can recover up to maximum of 6 points with these courses that last 12 hours. You can do it once every 2 years, or 1 year if you are a professional driver. You can also recover them if the corresponding time passes without committing new infractions that lead to their loss.

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