how and where to get Jade Noctilucoso

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Still, in order to help somewhat lost travelers with this matter. Next, and as part of this complete guide we detail How can you get Jade Noctilucoso and what is it for?. Next, you are going to have a Map in which we mark where you can find the gem from Noctilucoso Jade. You can also get the Noctilucosal Jade gem in some merchants, but in general they are more limited and only allow you to buy five per day.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What is this gem and what is it for

The item known as Noctilucosal Jade in the game it is a rare mineral that glows in the dark. It is said to be a mutated gemstone condensed from the flourishing elements of the world, according to the lore of Genshin Impact. As for its rarity, it is only one star, so in theory it should not be too difficult to find it.

This mineral is used to achieve the ascension of Beidou, one of the playable characters of the title. This is the captain of the Crux, who has a very good reputation in Liyue. Uses claymore as a weapon and its elemental power is electro, so it can be used to make various builds based on it. It has four stars, so its rarity is quite high despite not being one of the best characters in the game.

ningguang genshin impact

Refering to weapon level ascension, for now there are no specials available that we can use to improve with Jade Noctilucoso, so it is a mineral mainly intended to improve Beidou, for those travelers who have it in their ranks. This Beidou is a playable character who is the Captain of the Crux with quite a reputation in Liyue. In addition, three pieces are requested to receive one of the invoices in the Big Business mission, and for the moment it is all its usefulness since it is not required for the weapon ascension.

How to get Noctilucosal Jade and where to find it

As we explore the magical world of Teyvat and discover the different areas that make it up, we will be able to find the Statues of the Seven and thus be able to unlock the map to see everything clearly. We recommend doing it, since in this way we can find the following locations, where the mineral is found Noctilucosal Jade:

  • In the Liyue caves
  • In the Mingyun village, Objective of a mission that will be assigned to you in the town of Wangshu Inn and that will ask you to put these stones in your hands.

It is usually found in large quantities near the mines and caves of the region. To extract it, we simply have to approach a mineral beta and hit it with a melee weapon such as a powerful sword. Thus, fragments of it will jump and we can collect them to become part of our inventory.

genshin impact noctilucent jade map

In addition, it can also be obtained with some merchants such as Shitou, although in this way it is limited since they only allow you to buy five pieces daily. We can find it by visiting the Liyue port, merchant’s home. He will sell you Nighty Jade for 1000 Blackberries each.

A trick not everyone knows: Use Ningguang to find this mineral

You may wonder, who is the girl that appears at the beginning of the article? A trick that not many players know is that Ningguang is a special character when it comes to find minerals like iron, white iron or crystals. One of his talents will allow you mark on your map the position of these minerals when you walk near their position (as with Anemoculus or Geoculus naturally). So if you have Ningguang do not hesitate to use it When you want to go collect minerals around the world, it will be of great help to you.

Also, to collect minerals faster, try using a character that has equipped a Claymore swordThis will make it easier for you to break them. Finally, remember that you can visit this official link with a interactive map and the location of all the places to find minerals.

Rest of minerals that we can get in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact we can not only get hold of this Noctilucosal Jade, but there is an underworld with several of those minerals that are scattered throughout the map and that allow us to create new weapons. There are not many in terms of variety, but in terms of quantity we already tell you that you are not going to be scarce. Among them, the ones we can get are the following:

  • Piece of iron: They find each other usually in natureYou can find them inside caves, mines, or near mountainous terrain.
  • Piece of white iron: They are commonly found in mines, caves, and near mountainous terrain. Thanks to these you can create some valuable weapons in the forges
  • Piece of glass: It can rarely be found in mines, caves, and near mountainous terrain. It is a rare mineral.
  • Piece of Magic Crystal: You can start collecting pieces of magic crystal in the mining outcrops of the world, near other normal crystal pieces.
  • Stellar Argent: It is a type of mineral that can only be found in the snowy area of ​​Espinadragón.